Deputy VP Sales Administration

Deputy VP Sales Administration

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The Deputy VP Sales Administration is responsible for working hand in hand with the VP Sales Administration in the administration and optimization of all activities related to the smooth operations of the internal and external sales team.

The role of Devexperts’  Sales Admin team is to support, coordinate and manage the sales process from A-Z, namely from pre-sale to handover of the landed customer to account management. 

As the sales department has interface with all departments within the organization, i.e. Finance, Marketing, Engineering, the first and foremost task of the Sales Admin team is to ensure the continuous improvement of the interfaces and the correlated processes, procedures and workflows for the smooth operations in the sales team. 

Some of the routine daily responsibilities the Sales Administration team bears are: 

  • Develop and lead the customer acquisition strategy;
  • Coordination and support of the sales representatives;
  • Regular interface sessions with support departments;
  • Maintain up to date rate cards and pricing policies;
  • Qualification and prioritization of leads, estimations, proposal, etc. 
  • Develop and maintain template documents: proposals, contracts, questionnaires; 
  • Maintenance of the Sales intranet space;
  • Mediation between sales and the rest of the departments;
  • CRM management and reporting & maintenance and improvement;
  • Commission and bonus calculations & payment tracking;
  • Create a mechanism for setting and tracking KPIs for the sales reps;
  • Initiate, manage and report lead generation campaigns;
  • Work side by side with marketing on marketing materials, campaigns, events, promos, etc. 
  • Work together with Product owners and assist in creating and executing business plan for the particular product.

 Our ideal candidate must have: 

  • Marketing and sales experience, ideally in an international environment at least 5-7 years;
  • Knowledge and experience in building teams, processes, procedures, KPIs;
  • Good understanding of the capital markets ecosystem;
  • It is extremely valued to have proactiveness in suggesting realistic solutions to problems noticed; 
  • The person should be extremely well organized, in order to follow through with the wide variety of topics, issues, departments.


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