Team Lead/Team Manager

Team Lead/Team Manager

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Who we are looking for?

Devexperts is hiring an R&D Team Manager who can take care of our engineering team in Sofia.

We need a one-man band candidate, who combines both management and technical skills. This manager will be responsible for everything from conducting job interviews and hiring, guiding, training and managing newcomers backlog.

An effective manager…

We are always hungry for good engineers and have a lot of job for them. As we have recently opened an R&D center in Sofia and we want to have good engineering staff here. These engineers will join our commercial project teams as their training will be finished.

As a manager you will build a new engineering team from the ground up. All candidates have to be searched for, interviewed and hired. And you will decide which one of them fits us.

We are expecting that your good communication and people management skills will enable you to find intuitively the right approach to all engineers and set up the right personal goals, which make them stronger.

… and an experienced engineer

At the same time we need a Team Leader with a strong Java backend background, who can share knowledge with junior / middle developers and help them to improve their technical skills.

Your job is not finished after an engineer is hired. You will have to create a personal development plan focuses on strengths, weakness, aspirations, education, etc. of a candidate.

As a manager you can assign newcomer to one of bench projects, which fits him well. As a technical coach you will teach, review, supervise, guide and evaluate all newcomers.

Do not worry that by the end of training engineers will join other projects. Instead of this you will be able to raise a new generation of software developers for Devexperts based on your own approach and our experience.

More about the job

This is not a stand-alone job. As a manager we want you to work collaboratively with other members of your our team as well. You will be responsible and should demonstrate an initiativeness, which help us to improve performance and make the processes in Sofia R&D center work well.

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