Senior/Middle Java Developer

Senior/Middle Java Developer

Vacancies in our offices:


  • Participate in one or more software development projects, working in a team of 3 to 10 developers
  • Develop and debug program code, design system architecture, research into newest software technologies and development tools as well as project domain
  • Take part in project activities: requirements analysis, release building, code review


  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science
  • 3+ years of software development in commercial projects
  • Solid knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms
  • Good understanding of OOD/OOA principles
  • Knowledge of design patterns, experience in system architecture development
  • Knowledge of Java in scope of J2SE specification
  • English: intermediate level or above, enough for reading/writing technical documentation
  • Responsible, proactive, self-dependent person
  • Good communication skills, readiness for teamwork

Additional skills considered as an advantage:

  • Experience in development of software for financial or brokerage business
  • Understanding of parallel programming, experience in multithreaded application development
  • Understanding of relational databases design, SQL knowledge, working experience with Oracle and MySQL
  • Knowledge of 2 or more programming languages
  • Knowledge of Unix-family OS
  • Experience in development of distributed software systems with strong performance and reliability requirements
  • Experience in GUI design
  • Experience in Web and mobile application development
  • Knowledge of newest Java development technologies, libraries and frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Swing, GWT, etc.)
  • Knowledge of methodologies and principles of application lifecycle management, experience with bug tracking, version control and requirements management systems

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