Frontend Team Lead

Frontend Team Lead

Vacancies in our offices:

We are looking for an experienced Frontend Team Lead, who will manage operations of the team up to 10 frontend developers. As a Team Lead you will work on a group of projects along with analysts, project manager, and other leads.

We’re building and supporting a number of projects with different complexity – from client portals to full-blown capital markets trading applications.

Technology stack includes, but not limited to: React + libs (redux, redux-saga, mobX, etc). We do believe in typed code and hence TypeScript is our choice.


  • Create tasks and control their implementation in the distributed team of up to 10 frontend developers
  • Analyze and estimate requirements;
  • Code review;
  • Support and improve the development process (scrum-like).


  • 3+ years of software development in commercial projects;
  • Experience as a team lead in a group of 4-5 developers at least;
  • Knowledge of development methodologies;
  • English: intermediate level or above, enough for reading/writing technical documentation and verbal communication with the customer;
  • Deep knowledge of HTML/CSS, including techniques and best practices;
  • Deep knowledge of JS (experience in ES+);
  • TypeScript and React hands on experience;
  • Experience in CSS preprocessors (stylus, scss).


  • Understanding of unit and automated functional testing;
  • Functional practices: ADT (Algebraic data types), HKT (Higher kinded types);
  • Experience in fp-ts.

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