Senior/Middle .NET Developer

Senior/Middle .NET Developer

Vacancies in our offices:
An employee working in this position is responsible for custom software development in an Agile environment.


  • Participate in one or more software development projects, working in a team of 3 to 10 developers;
  • Develop and debug program code, design system architecture, research into newest software technologies and development tools as well as project domain;
  • Collaborate with the management, stakeholders and team members; work closely with analysts, designers and staff;
  • Review source code of changes;
  • Present ideas for system improvements;
  • Maintain the systems once they are up and running;


  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science;
  • At least 2 years’ experience working as a C# developer in commercial projects;
  • Knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms;
  • Unit Testing experience;
  • In-depth knowledge of .NET Framework;
  • Deep knowledge of OOD/OOA as well as S.O.L.I.D. principles;
  • Experience of ReSharper/other refactoring tools;
  • Understanding of design and architectural patterns (GoF, DDD, PoEAA);
  • Experience with ASP.NET MVC;
  • Experience with Entity Framework (or other ORM);
  • Experience with Git, and issue tracking systems (e.g. Jira);
  • Fluent English.

Additional skills considered as an advantage:

  • Understanding of relational databases design, SQL knowledge, working experience with Oracle and MySQL;
  • Experience with Continuous Integration tools (e.g. TeamCity, Jenkins)
  • Experience with Test-Driven Development;
  • Experience with Fintech field;
  • Understanding of multi-threading;
  • Experience in GUI design;
  • Knowledge of frontend essentials (HTML, JavaScript/TypeScript);
  • Experience in performance optimization.

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