Team Lead/PM

Team Lead/PM

Vacancies in our offices:

We are looking for an experienced Team Lead to manage daily project operations and to communicate with the project’s customer’s team. You will be working in a tight collaboration with other leads of a group of projects for the same customer. You will be responsible for managing tasks on a daily basis, supervising and guiding distributed team of professionals along with working through requirements with the customer’s team. Being primary technical point of contact for the customer you should have excellent communication skills, a technical mindset with great attention to details, ability to analyze suggested approaches and suggest better solutions.


  • oversee day-to-day team operation;
  • maintain and improve the development process (scrum-like);
  • analyze and work on requirements with the customer’s team (including implementation specifics);
  • estimate requirements efforts;
  • create tasks on requirements basis and distribute within the team;
  • oversee implementation details to ensure consistency with initial design;
  • participate in code reviews.


  • 3+ years of software development in commercial projects;
  • experience as a team lead in a group of 4-5 developers;
  • knowledge of development methodologies;
  • high quality organizational and leadership skills;
  • English: intermediate level or above, enough for reading/writing technical documentation and verbal communication with the customer.

Additional skills considered as an advantage

  • experience with Git version control system and Jira task tracking tool;
  • experience in software and application design and architecture;
  • experience in Java/.NET programming languages;
  • familiarity with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and UI/UX design;
  • familiarity with TypeScript and React;
  • understanding of unit and automated functional testing;
  • functional practices: ADT (Algebraic data types), HKT (Higher kinded types).

Job application

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