Technical Support Engineer (Level 3)

Technical Support Engineer (Level 3)

Vacancies in our offices:


  • Deployment, installation and configuration of sophisticated Market Data/Trading/Finance and related software;
  • Administration of UNIX/Linux OS. Installation, configuration and maintenance;
  • Administration of Network Equipment (Cisco, Juniper, others);
  • Active assistance to developers, participation in DevOps routines;
  • Installation and management of in-house developed and external well-known monitoring systems;
  • Design, installation and configuration of managed servers including physically racking and connecting equipment to third-party devices;
  • Design, deployment and configuration of cloud-based servers and networks provision servers and storage, configure firewalls, VPN, monitoring, etc;
  • Pro-active in identifying and troubleshooting problems in testing and production environments. Generating solutions and bug reports where required;
  • Pro-active monitoring of the health and status of the network and systems, and continuously make improvements;
  • Solving critical problems in network environment such as: multicast routing/latency issues/packet loss/etc;
  • Solving critical problems in Systems, platforms and data such as: unavailability/outage/inconsistency/misconfiguration/etc;
  • Diagnosing complex issues within network stack including low level packet capture and OS system analysis;
  • As a member of the Operations team participate in an on-call support rotation to ensure 24x7x365 coverage for critical core and customer issues;
  • Active collaboration and close work with all other IT teams to find solutions to problems;
  • Training and guidance for Level II engineers;
  • Spread/share knowledge within own team and other teams;
  • Communicating with clients and partner companies representatives;
  • Document and publish infrastructure/systems schemas and designs.


  • 3+ years of experience in UNIX/Linux administration;
  • 3+ years of experience in Networking;
  • Experience in Amazon/Microsoft compute clouds;
  • In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP and ISO/OSI stack;
  • Solid experience with networking (routing, switching, IP, TCP, UDP, BGP, EIGRP, MPLS, VPN, DNS) and Cisco/Juniper OS;
  • Knowledge of IP Multicast (RP, PIM, IGMP and MSDP);
  • Required technical knowledge needed to ensure safe, effective, and efficient changes to the network and systems infrastructure;
  • Proficiency in shell script languages awk, perl and etc;
  • Preferred experience in cluster technologies and high availability systems;
  • Experience working with Tomcat, Apache, nginx, haproxy webservers;
  • Experience in solving complex problems and ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously;
  • Strong analysis, investigation and troubleshooting skill;
  • Good written and spoken English language.

Additional skills considered as an advantage

  • Understanding high-performance, high-throughput and low-latency network technologies;
  • Knowledge of Java programming language;
  • Knowledge of Oracle/Postgres RDMS;
  • Experience with CDN architectures;
  • Experience with WAN technologies;
  • Experience with Trading/Exchange/Risk management software usage and management;
  • Experience with Atlassian software(JIRA, Confluence, etc.);
  • Knowledge of Russian language.

Job application

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