Redesign, Rewrite, and Update of tastytrade Mobile App
Case study

Redesign, Rewrite, and Update of tastytrade Mobile App

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About tastytrade

tastytrade is a well-known player in the industry of trader education and options trading.

Founded in 2011, tastytrade is one of the fastest-growing online financial networks in the world, producing 8 hours of live programming every weekday, with over 50 original segments, and over 20 personalities.

tastytrade’s experts navigate the markets to provide actionable financial information and strategies rooted in research and experience, to help their audience grow their investments.

tastytrade’s key products are:

  • tastytrade – one of the fastest-growing financial networks in the world
  • tastyworks – a trading platform and online brokerage firm, specializing in options

tastytrade is distributed through, the tastyworks trading platform, iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Radio, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and YouTube.

Business Challenge

The client used to have an existing mobile app called “Bob the Trader” (powered by, offering the trade feeds of tastytrade’s celebrities on a subscription basis. The app stopped working with the iOS 12 release and given that, since its launch in 2013, the code needed maintenance, the client was not able to update the app to support the latest iOS.

The required update was also a good chance to update the design according to the latest UX/UI practices and guidelines.

The client also wanted to integrate Bob the Trader into tastytrade, to create a single financial network application for more cohesive brand management. But they needed consulting on when and how would be the best way to undertake this challenge.

tastytrade’s executives had already outsourced several software development projects to Devexperts, and valued their expertise. They approached Devexperts and requested compatibility and design updates.

The easiest way to solve this business challenge was to create a new application. The client decided to rewrite the app from scratch.


After examining the case, Devexperts suggested the following solution:

  1. Combine the existing tastytrade and Bob the Trader apps into a single one, as the client planned to do it in the future, this would be the best time to do it. It would be beneficial to merge the two apps into one and only have to rewrite once, rather than have to modernize both and then merge later. It also saved a good amount of time, as the base app architecture was written just once.
  2. Rewrite the apps from scratch natively, using the up-to-date SDKs. The benefits of the native app development, in this case, were greater UX, which is hardly achievable with non-native approaches, and ease of maintenance in the future.
  3. Update the design of the apps to match up-to-date best practices.

After all of the urgent tasks connected with compatibility were solved, Devexperts engineers started to update customer-facing features.

Advanced filtering of trades (e.g. according to a selected trading strategy, specific symbol or trader), and new richer trade feed were incorporated. The old trade feed consisted only of text elements, with very few visuals; the updated feed contains additional visuals and an extended number of data points (such as probability of profit (POP), trader’s comments, etc.).

In the middle of the planned time frame, the client urgently appealed to Devexperts to release the app one month earlier than planned. Adhering to agile practices, the engineering team pivoted fast, de-scoped the release and prepared the apps for production, so the client was able to shut down a legacy API on their side.


As a first step towards addressing the client’s needs, Devexperts released an iOS 12 compatible hotfix within a month from the start of development.

Later on, the apps for both platforms (iOS and Android) were completely rewritten using the most recent native technologies and up-to-date design.