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QA Engineer

QA Engineer

The Quality Engineer is responsible for all testing activities throughout the software development life cycle. This includes Quality Assurance activities performed during the requirements and design phases and Quality Control activities performed during development and testing phases.

Primary Responsibilities

  • develop a test strategy based on the project requirements and schedule;
  • design, develop and execute test cases using project specifications;
  • report defects found in testing diligently, promptly and accurately using standard defect tracking tools;
  • report test progress against schedules;
  • provide a test summary report that reflects the quality attributes of the software under test;
  • communicate with development, project management and customer stakeholders where necessary;
  • perform both new functionality and regression tests;
  • perform Manual and Automated testing, as needed, for the project. 


Requirements and Professional Qualifications:

  • two or more years of software testing experience in a professional software development environment;
  • strong experience and skill with software test tools, including defect tracking software;
  • strong analytical, problem solving and judgment skills;
  • knowledge of client-server, stand-alone, java-based software development;
  • prior programming experience is a plus.


Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.




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