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Devexperts on IFXEXPO Asia 2013

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28 January 2013 

Devexperts, one of the world leaders in development of IT solutions for the financial industry, took part in the largest international Forex exhibition, IFXEXPO 2013, held January 22-24 in Macau. The exposition premiered Devexperts' latest solution, dxFX Suite, an integrated trading platform for the Forex market.

IFXPO Asia is the most important event for the financial industry and Forex markets in Asia region, is focused on building and strengthening the relationships between suppliers of advanced technology and liquidity providers in the Forex market, binary options and other affiliated organizations such as banks, investment brokers and their partners. The exhibition attracted more than 1,200 CEOs, owners of brokerage firms, banks and stock exchanges, technical managers and development directors.

A key element of the Devexperts booth exhibition was the debut of Devexperts' latest dxFX Suite. One of the key advantages of the dxFX Suite is its ability to integrate various modules within it according to the needs of the broker. It can be purchased as a complete solution, or installed as separate components, such as web-interface or mobile trading applications, back office management system, risk-management tool, etc. All trade dxFX Suite applications include integration with MT4. This fact has attracted attention not only from novice brokers, but also large well-known brokerage houses wishing to expand their capabilities and attract new customers.

Broad interest was also expressed in Devexperts MARS  which is a real-time network monitoring solution specifically designed for monitoring of various system and application parameters of software complexes. In 2012, the license for MARS was acquired Japanese company LAC, and MARS has since received high praise from Japanese engineers.

Devexperts management team was pleased with the attention, that Devexperts' products have got at the IFXPO Asia. During the event a preliminary agreement on the cooperation of a number of Asian companies was confirmed.


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