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Devexperts provides a wide range of comprehensive trading solutions for brokerage and financial companies operating in the field of currencies and securities trading. We offer an extensive finance software product line for all-round automation of brokerage and investment activities: full-featured front-ends, comprehensive risk-management and back-office solutions, advanced charting and analytics tools, FIX-and FAST-enabled gateways, worldwide market data distribution and other products and services. All our solutions ensure direct access to the major liquidity providers over the FIX- and FAST-protocols.

We have managed to achieve high reliability of all our products guaranteed by many years of effective operation and successful stress tests held by Barron’s Magazine. Our software index of trouble-free operation is 99.99%, including peak load days and events, when commercial operations reach the maximum volume.

Devexperts Product Line


Devexperts Product Line
dxBackoffice is the software system designed for effective information management and detailed
reporting on financial and investment activities
of brokers, dealers, investment companies and
custody. dxBackOffice System is an ideal financial solution for both local and international-based
investment companies.
dxCharts is a powerful financial charting software that allows for accurate technical analysis and displays live market data on currencies, options, stock and futures in a HTML5-chart form. Devexperts'  HTML5-Charting Software is an out-of-the-box solution and can be easily placed on your website as a free or paid service providing customers with live analytical information.
Devexperts offers custom development of
FIX- and FAST-gateways
that can be provided
as a uniform FIX- & FAST-gateway System or
separately according to your requirements.
FIX- & FAST-gateway System allows for direct
access to all local and international markets,
real-time electronic processing of market
data and orders on multiple asset classes (stocks, options, bonds, etc.) between exchanges, brokers
or other counterparties worldwide via the FIX/FAST protocols.
dxFeed enables resilient and cost-effective delivery of real-time and historical options, futures and stock market data for the global financial community from the very heart of the U.S. financial system. We facilitate your business activities and enable high speed and low latency connectivity to leading market data centers. High quality managed service ensures the most convenient business practices for our clients. Learn more on
dxCore provides executing brokers and sell-sides
with comprehensive functionality for both manual
and automated order processing, accurate
monitoring over each stage of order routing, and
detailed reporting on order execution.
Monitoring Analysis & Reporting System is an easy-to-use multiplatform application software designed for real-time monitoring of various system and applicable parameters of software complexes (trading platforms, back-office and risk-management systems, etc.) used by brokerage and investment companies.


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