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dxFeed enables resilient and cost-effective delivery of real-time and historical options, futures and stock market data for the global financial community from the very heart of the U.S. financial system. We facilitate your business activities and enable high speed and low latency connectivity to leading market data centers. High quality managed service ensures the most convenient business practices for our clients.
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Direct integration with liquidity providers

Devexperts, as a market data vendor, offers direct access to the leading financial data providers, such as OPRA, ISE, NYSE, NYSE AMEX and others, and can manage configuration and integration of your trading system with all market data feeds you need, including on-demand integration services.

Fast access to international markets

The direct access to the global financial market data is provided in our cross-platform API. You receive US live and historical financial data in normalized package from Devexperts’ server collocations in Chicago and New York. Once the integration of one market data feed is complete, others could be naturally added to the landscape without extra efforts. We provide best bid and offer and Level II data feeds to enable complete view of the market for our clients.

Real-time market data distribution with minimum delays

Our proximity collocation with major options, futures, and stock market data providers and high performance data processing systems allow for direct distribution of live financial data from the feed with minimum delays.

Fully managed service – zero pain market data distribution

We handle all the required hardware, software, hosting and data channels, quality of service monitoring and 24x7x365 support. Helpdesk functional response is within 5 minutes since incident registration.

9+ years of high quality and reliability guarantee

The high quality of our market data distribution service is guaranteed inter alia by more than nine years of successful development, implementation and maintenance of our products and services for the leading industry participants – GFT, thinkorswim Inc., Investools Inc., RTS Stock Exchange and many others, operating in the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and other countries.

High performance of data processing in real time

High-performance network and hardware infrastructure built to support the highly volatile market data inflow, utilizing the latest industry standards, effective processing parallelization as well as proximity collocation with market data providers, ensures efficient real-time processing and minimum latency in data processing and delivery over the network. dxFeed components can also efficiently utilize the potential of hardware and achieve processing throughput of 4 000 000 messages per second on a mid-range 1U server.

Cost-effective integration capabilities

The service supports multiple connectivity models via an extensive list of operators, Internet providers, and major financial extranets. Special interface modules provide seamless integration of the messaging system core with different input data feeds without extra costs, while the feeds are integrated into one normalized feed delivered to the clients by subscription in standardized API.

Cross-platform technology and compatibility

All implemented client and server applications work seamlessly on the cross-platform Java technology and support Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Solaris platforms. The implementation of cross-platform technology, as well as standardized FAST API, allow for easy integration with the major data providers worldwide with minimum work for system configuration.

High quality technology

Our technology has been tested over time in different production configurations with tens of thousands of users per installation. The high quality of Pulsar service is ensured through high reliability of Devexperts program code and by the by the resilient crash-proof hardware configurations. The stress tests held by Barron’s Magazine proved the high reliability of our solutions that feature 99.99% yearly index of trouble-free operation including hi-volatility periods and peak load market events.

Scalable system with latency control

Our system is component based and could be scaled linearly along with the infrastructure as the demands for processing power grow over time. Our technology enables to control traffic in automatic and manual mode compensating for market data spikes without losing general performance.

  • All configuration and management of the software and the hardware;
  • All communications and arrangement of every detail in the work process;
  • Configuration of direct connection to the leading data providers: c and other; best bid and offer (BBO) or Level II quotes;
  • The choice of a preferred way of data delivery: normalized data feeds in our cross-platform API;
  • All data format and protocol updates coming from the exchanges, as well as system upgrades are implemented centrally by Devexperts at the hosting facility;
  • Technical support and quality of service monitoring are performed 24 x 7 x 365;
  • Devexperts’ helpdesk functional response is guaranteed within 5 minutes since an incident.

U.S. Market Data


U.S. and selected global indexes

NYSE, AMEX, NYSE Global Index Feed, Nasdaq GIDS (Nasdaq OMX Global Indexes), CBOE MDI, S&P, Dow Jones, RussellTick.


OPRA (AMEX, ARCA, BATS, BSE, CBOE, ISE, NASDAQ, PHLX), ISE Spreads, Futures Options.


NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB, OTC Other (OTC Markets / Pink Sheets) including level 2 / full order depth where available.



Mutual Funds

Nasdaq MFDS

Reference Data

Instrument definitions and essential attributes

Exchange data compiled and maintained by Devexperts.

Trading hours and holiday data for all instruments

Exchange data compiled and maintained by Devexperts.

Futures symbols mapping: current month futures product codes and other shortcuts

Mapping provided by Devexperts. Mapped product shortcut symbols are available in the data feed and other data services (charting – providing consolidated chart by product code, historical and reference data) along with original products (e.g. /ES for current month's CME E-Mini S&P along with original symbol /ESH2).

Fundamentals, corporate

actions, ownership and corporate events for complete symbol universe for US and Canada, UK and Ireland, EU, Asia Pacific

Comprehensive database of essential reference data from Morningstar Inc. and Mergent Inc.


Asset classification, company profiles, company fundamentals, corporate actions, corporate events and ownership data.

Historical Data

Tick-level and aggregated historical data

Own data store.

Tick-level history – since Jan 1 2010 for U.S. instruments.

Historical aggregates – since 1993.

Aggregated Data and Charting

Pre-aggregated charting OHLCs for all instruments

dxFeed managed charting services delivered over the real-time feed.

Pre-loaded historical charting information available up to 1993.


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