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Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Devexperts provides performance analysis services for computer systems of any complexity. A dedicated performance analysis team collects, processes, and analyses performance data in accordance with international quality control standards. Our skills, along with applicable unique in-house developments, allow for prompt detection of actual and potential performance problems on any software development stage.

Main Advantages

System Testing on All Software Development Stages

System performance issues may result in significant loss of money and time if not detected in time; therefore it is essential to start performance analysis earlier in the development process. Devexperts conducts performance analysis on all System Development stages, from design of the initial architecture model and to support of a completed system.

Simulation of End User Behaviour

Devexperts uses an integrated approach to performance testing, based upon detailed analysis and simulation of all processes taking place in a real system. Our specialists focus on realistic simulation of end-user behaviour, as this factor plays a key role in a System performance.
System processes modeling is made in the way the test covers not just as many system components as possible but also the connections between components, as they might have a higher impact upon performance than system components reviewed separately.
For the purpose of proper load emulation Devexperts had developed its own software solution called Universal Testing Tool as no identical tool is currently available on the market. This solution allows to quickly and effectively manage hundreds of thousands of virtual users, each being a copy of a real end-user with a unique  behaviour pattern.

High-Skilled Professionals

Within quality assurance process, a special independent from development team has been established.This team is specializing in specializing in system performance analysis for more than 6 years, addressing the following tasks:

  • Analysis and monitoring system architecture changes to prevent code rewriting due to performance problems;
  • Collection, processing, aggregation  and analysis of users behaviour statistics;
  • Test methodology development, including load simulation and plan writing;
  • Test execution including results collection, processing, and analysis;
  • Composing test report and recommendations for System configuration.

Special Storage for All Project Tests

Significant amount of System information gathered during performance tests can be hardly human readable. This information needs to be stored, aggregated, and quick-accessed while numerous tests are performed.
Devexperts has developed an in-house special repository for all performance testing documentation. This facility allows reviewing large amounts of statistics in a convenient graphical view, comparing data from several tests simultaneously, storing necessary log files, and quickly accessing any additional data collected. The repository provides convenient navigation using search and common tags; a structured list of all tests; quick access to the latest ones, and a list of detected problems. This repository also implements graphical reporting system that allows monitoring historical changes in System response time for critical business processes.
System performance analysis can be requested by participants of the development process, such as senior developers, support engineers, or project managers, as well as by system development clients. In both cases the main aim of the Performance Analysis Team is to provide the customer with all the information essential for making a strategic decision.


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