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Multi-Asset Enterprise Backoffice

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dxBackoffice is a full service CRM, business operations tool tailored to your business processes. It allows to consolidate all your customers data, trading history, reports in one place. It facilitates client accounts management, runs historical and real time operational and regulatory reports, export/import data to/from third party systems. You can give access to this tool to your IBs so that they can manage their own clients, see their own operational stats, etc.

Devexperts offers dxBackoffice as a part of the dxPlatform, or as a standalone application available for integration with your trading environment.

  • –°lient onboarding, user/account management
  • Data consolidation across several trading platforms (dxPlatform and 3rd parties)
  • Commissions and rebates engine
  • Deposit/withdrawal
  • Reporting
    • Regulatory reports
    • Operational reports
    • IB reports
    • Customizable reports
  • Robust REST API
  • Audit
    • Client trade dispute
    • Reconciliation

Usually broker starts his business from one trading platform and usually it is a box solution like MT4. If business goes well, broker increases the number of trading platforms - adds new box solutions from the same or different vendors or develops his own platform with cool new features for clients.

Box solutions include basic back office functionality which allows predefined set of features for reporting, integration, rollover etc. Integrations between them or with a custom platform usually do not exist and if broker has two or more platforms, he ought to work with them separately. All end of day or reporting activities should be done twice or more times and as a result – problems with automation, poor data mining and overall service quality decreasing. Also adding of any custom commission or report which is not a part of the box version becomes a problem.

Exchange brokers understood the scale of the problem many years ago and singled out all those activities into a separate unit – back office. There are 2 ways to start using it – connect to a third party back office solution and use it like software as a service with monthly fee, or install your own back office instance which will solve all described problems forever. 

Devexperts introduces the second approach for a multi-asset broker - dxBackoffice.


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