Devexperts Sponsors Regional Finals of IT Planet Academic Competition

IT Planet Academic Competition is getting more and more popular every year. The key feature of IT Planet 2011 / 2012 is the approach to elaboration of tasks to be given to participants, as the tasks are developed by leading international and Russian IT companies. Among the official sponsors and partners of this IT Academic Competition are such companies as Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, D-Link, Adobe Systems, EMC, 1C and 1С-Bitrix, Devexperts, to name just a few.

Devexperts, one of the official partners of IT Planet, is a Gold Partner of Oracle, and is responsible for development of tasks and for arranging the Oracle, Java workshop.

Over ten thousand students enrolled to participate in the 2011 / 2012 Academic Competition, including more than two thousand representatives of the Southern federal district. 129 participants demonstrated strong results and were invited to take part in regional finals which were held in various cities of Russia.

The Southern federal district finals of IT Planet 2011 / 2012 Academic Competition took place on February 16 – 17 in Rostov-on-Don under the auspices of the Southern Federal University and the Rostov Technological Institute of Service and Tourism (Branch Institute of URGUES). The finalists spent four hours completing practical tasks offered by their potential employers.

Students with strong results achieved at preliminary elimination trials, whether placed or unplaced, will be included in the database of gifted students. Over 200 partner companies of the IT Academic Competition have access to this database. Thus, being listed on the base means an enhanced chance for challenging internship and employment offers.

The international finals of IT Planet 2011 / 2012 will take place in Kazakhstan in Almaty. Winners and runners-up from Russia and other countries will meet to identify the most professional IT Planet ‘inhabitants’ who can expect the most attractive offers from employers