FORTS FIX Gateway Is Launched

The FIX gateway developed by Devexperts for RTS Stock Exchange has been launched in a test run on FORTS – RTS derivatives market. This gateway is intended to share market data between RTS’s trading system and other market participants.

The Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIX) is a world standard for international real-time exchange of market information. Any trading system can be easily configured to work via FIX protocol within just a few hours providing direct access to all exchanges and organizations utilizing the same standards. As a comparison, the integration of a trading system with each Russian exchange without FIX is a time and money consuming task that can take more than 2 months. Today, international banks and brokerage companies take great interest in Russian derivatives market so that large Russian brokers need effective and powerful solutions capable to support international standards and to handle large volumes of market data.

In this way, the implementation of FIX protocol for RTS Stock Exchange will dramatically facilitate the market access for new participants.

“RTS is extremely concerned about the development of the most liquid securities and derivatives market in Russia that will enable effective market control for the majority of the participants. We assume that the FIX gateway will enlarge the number of RTS’s participants, especially by involving international brokerage companies,” – says Roman Goryunov, President of RST Stock Exchange.

“It is the first time when the FIX gateway is implemented for Russian exchange. This solution ensures global access to Russian derivatives market in the shortest possible time and allows for effective IT budget allocation in an investment company. Our company has large experience in the development of FIX gateways for a number of international companies. Our systems feature the highest industry standards, performance and reliability,” — comments Yan Stolyar, Business Development Director of Devexperts.

You can get access to the RTS trading system — FORTS — via the FIX protocol within Devexperts’ Institutional Trading application developed for professional market players.

RTS is an integrated trading and settlement complex consisting of Not-for-profit partnership “Russian Trading System Stock Exchange”, “Open Joint Stock Company “Russian Trading System Stock Exchange”, “RTS Clearing Center”, ” RTS Settlement Chamber” and “St. Petersburg Stock Exchange”. The core of the RTS Group is Open Joint Stock Company RTS where the trading is facilitated. Established in 1995, as the first regulated stock market in Russia, RTS Stock Exchange now trades the full range of financial instruments from cash equities to commodity futures. International members of RTS include Deutsche Bank, CSFB, UBS, Morgan Stanley etc.

The RTS Index first calculated on September 1, 1995, has since become the main benchmark for the Russian securities industry and is based on the Exchange’s 50 most liquid and capitalized shares. More information about RTS Stock Exchange is available at: