Devexperts at Novelties of Financial and Exchange Software Conference 2007

The Second Annual Conference-Exhibition “Novelties of Financial and Stock Exchange software” took place on February 28 — March 1. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), the organizer of the exhibition, presented to the financial community the newest developments in performance automation of stock exchange, banks, mutual funds, and investment, management and insurance companies.

The Devexperts Company presented DealBook® 360, a trading platform for FX/CFD/SB markets, at the “Novelties of Financial and Stock Exchange software” Conference-Exhibition. DealBook® 360 is mainly designed for Global Forex Trading, one of the largest companies in the online-forex trading market. Over the last few years DealBook® 360 several times has been rewarded by the professional Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. For the first time, a trading platform offered its users the most complete set of Joe DiNapoli (a well-known expert in technical analysis) indicators.

At the conference, Roman Elizarov, a key expert of The Devexperts Company, acquainted the audience with options and shares online-trading providing an example of market-leading thinkorswim automated brokerage system developed by our professional team.

According to the analysts estimations 75% of American families hold shares or other securities (mainly as a part of the pension capital), and it is the reason of the buoyant demand for the broker companies services among private investors. In the USA private individuals have a right to personally control their own pension savings (without trusting them to a private company).On account of the last corporate scandals, the desire of private individuals to manage savings on their own is growing, and the demand for derivatives is growing as well since they enable a private investor to control the risks and the profits.

The USA was the first country where special funds, which managed the money through derivatives, were established. As late as in 2000s “discount brokers”, who offered their customers the ability to buy or sell derivatives online at low prices, started to emerge. However not a single successful broker company can exist in the market without offering its clients the comprehensive range of financial tools such as shares, futures and options which are the main and the most liquid tools. Successful options trading for both private investors and professional traders requires complex integrated tools for portfolio real-time risks analysis.

The thinkorswim Company, today’s largest online-trading platform, was created to revolutionize the option industry and deliver products that before were only available for single professionals.

Over the years of our joint work both client and web-version of the thinkorswim trading platform developed by Devexperts three times were announced the best by Barron’s, America’s premier financial weekly. “Certainly, it is an achievement of our company as well”, says Roman Elizarov, a Project Coordinator of the Devexperts Company.