Devexperts at Novelties of Financial and Exchange Software Conference 2008

Devexperts, specialized in custom development of comprehensive financial software in the field of online securities and currencies trading, has taken part in the Fifth Annual Conference-Exhibition “Novelties of Financial and Stock Exchange software”.

At the exhibition, Devexperts presented a new web-based software system for electronic document management designed for brokers, investment companies and custody. The system enables customers to exchange documents with their company and to get access to information services. They can create and edit documents and brokerage and custody orders, and receive reports via the Internet. Today, our’ web-based system for electronic document management is implemented by the leading Russian brokerage and investment companies: KIT Finance, VITUS Investment Company, Baltic Finance Agency and many others. The efficiency and reliability of this software complex is guaranteed by the unique system architecture and a comprehensive approach to its further development: our specialists never stop making and implementing new useful tools and functions into the system. At the conference, Vladimir Levkin, the project manager of electronic document management systems, made a presentation on the topic “Electronic document management as an effective way to improve your business processes”.

Devexperts also presented a new product line for brokerage and investment companies: FIX- and FAST-gateways, a back-office system, a monitoring and reporting system (MARS) and a risk-management system.