Solidus Capital Adds New Derivatives Trading Platform SolidusX powered by Devexperts

Solidus Capital Adds New Derivatives Trading Platform SolidusX powered by Devexperts

London –  Solidus Capital, a financial services firm based in London, expands its offering by launching SolidusX, a new multi-asset trading platform for its brokerage division. SolidusX is a white-labeled version of DXtrade, Devexperts’ SaaS trading solution for FX and CFD brokers. Devexperts is a software development company producing capital markets software for brokers, exchanges and wealth-management firms since 2002. With this new platform, Solidus strives to satisfy the demands of retail traders asking for simplicity and performance tools integrated into the trading platform.

Trading Platform Differentiators

SolidusX is the platform for both novice and experienced traders, where they can trade Forex and CFDs on Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and ETFs. The platform value is a flexible layout, where widgets can be set up individually according to the trader’s preferred view in an unlimited number of workspaces.

In addition, the platform benefits traders by offering them a dashboard to better track their performance. The embedded trading Dashboard tracks users activity on SolidusX and helps users analyze their trading performance and trading behaviour on an instrument, asset class, or account level. Available metrics include intraday performance, risk/reward ratios, win rates, and winning/losing trade holding times.

Another innovative tool for traders is an embedded Trading Journal, which logs all trade orders and lets them add notes or tags in order to better stick to their trading strategy and stay on track. Traders can also access account statements with a click of a button, enjoy fast transactions, online chat support and receive real-time updates about market events.

Personalized Investor Experience and More Benefits in the Pipeline

With SolidusX, the UK broker raises the stakes by offering a personalized investor experience. The company’s financial market experts hailing from all industry sectors are in touch with the traders to guide them at every moment during their investing journey. These experts act as trading coaches and traders can contact them by email, schedule calls or video sessions to trade together, ask questions and learn professional ways of trading.

SolidusX is planning to expand the range of assets offered with ETFs, ASX and LSE stocks and other digital assets. In addition, the Academy section on is under development with a focus on it being comprehensive and interactive, so investors can learn and see their knowledge grow alongside their balance.

SolidusX keeps their ears peeled for any feedback coming from traders while aiming to improve every aspect of its services.

“SolidusX is all about ‘investing done differently’. That’s not a marketing line, it’s a mission statement and it encompasses everything we do, and represents the level of professionalism and dedication we bring to work every single day. We’ve learned all there is to know about the needs of investors and we aim to provide the best investment solution possible. Traders are looking for access, safety and guidance. We offer all of that and we do it best,” – said James Fisher, Managing Director.

“It’s our pleasure to white-label the DXtrade platform for Solidus’ users. Devexperts engineers invested their best knowledge accumulated by the team into DXtrade, our flagship platform that was further customized for Solidus. We hope you enjoy trading on it as we are improving the platform daily.” – commented Evgeny Sorokin, SVP of Software Engineering at Devexperts.

The SolidusX trading platform is available both as a web terminal and mobile trading app (iOS, Android).

About SolidusX

Launched in 2020, SolidusX helps people promote their financial well being, using broker’s innovative online trading platform with immediate access to global markets. SolidusX offers trading on various asset classes with competitive trading conditions.