The winners again!

A professional version of the thinkorswim trading platform developed by the Devexperts Company has got the best rating in the 12th annual survey of broker online trading platforms held by Barron’s, America’s premier financial weekly.

The trading platform of thinkorswim Inc., the largest online broker of the USA stock markets, has been declared the best online trading system according to Barron’s annual survey of the Best Online Brokers.

“Our customer has been highly estimated by such prestigious magazine as Barron’s for the third time. It is also a great honour for our company as the developer of this platform. It once again proves that using our solutions our customers get significant competitive advantages in online trading market”, says Mikhail Babushkin, the General Manager of the Devexperts Company.

29 largest broker companies which use various online trading systems in stock and forward markets took part in Barron’s annual survey. The focal points estimated by the magazine’s experts were not only the usability, productivity, functionality and broker commission terms of the trading platform but also its high availability in the real-time processing during peak periods when the trading volume is at its high, which is the key factor for brokers efficient work.

Barron’s analysts carried out the Online Stress Test* right when the usual trading volume on NYSE almost doubled and ran up to 4 billion shares. Several online trading systems were tested under extreme conditions; in some cases they even couldn’t issue an order. The thinkorswim platform has successfully passed the test, the system continued to operate as if nothing extraordinary was happening.

The thinkorswim trading platform has become so successful due to the unique comprehensive approach to the architecture of the distributed multi-tier applications system for the real-time processing, and as the magazine’s experts put it, as well as to the constant improvements that are made to the system by its developers. thinkorswim launched 12 software revisions for the past year only.

“Our commitment [is] to apply cutting-edge technology to our trading platform and to raise our customers’ understanding of complex strategies with strong customer support and educational services. It’s as close to bug-free as a program can be”, says Tom Sosnoff, the president of thinkorswim Inc.

The developed platform includes several servers and client applications. Today the system serves up thousands online users with the total number of registered users exceeding tens of thousands. All the users can view stock and option quotes in real time as the system processes over 250,000 new quotes per second and thus provides information on any change in the stock and option markets. User-friendly interface not only features thorough analytics, convenient transaction history and easy-to-understand terminology, but also allows each position risk to be calculated automatically in real-time. It was this set of characteristics that in March, 2006 and in March, 2007 led the renowned Barron’s magazine to recognize the thinkorswim Inc. solution developed by Devexperts as the best choice for option traders.

thinkorswim, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, is a leading online brokerage company specializing in options. thinkorswim supports retail and institutional traders through its own trading platforms which are widely recognized as the industry’s best for execution, professional analytics and real-time position management. thinkorswim has revolutionized the option industry by teaching and executing complex, non-directional option strategies with single-click functionality that has now become the industry standard. thinkorswim continues to evolve the financial marketplaces by delivering products that benefit the customer whether they are hedging, speculating or enhancing returns.

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