Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Devexperts delivers quality engineering and assurance services for financial market firms to ensure the highest quality of the software development processes and products.

We build acceptance tests for:

  • Brokerage trading platforms
  • Wealth management systems
  • Multi-asset exchange systems
  • Portfolio management systems
  • Investment banking software
  • Financial advisors systems
Devexperts Acceptance Tests

Our QA consulting services include

  • Review and assessment of existing practices
  • Proposal of measures for improvement
  • Detection of pain points and bottlenecks
  • Development and proposal of workarounds

We have a deep knowledge of

  • Trading system processes
  • Complex trading system architectures
  • Psychological profiles of regional traders
  • Incidence of trading tactics

Our approach to quality assurance services

Our approach to quality assurance services

Types of testing offered

  • icon Requirements analysis and test design
    Requirements analysis and test design
  • icon Functional testing
    Functional testing
  • icon Performance testing
    Performance testing
  • icon QA Automation
    QA Automation
  • Devexperts Requirements Analysis

    Requirements Analysis & Test Design

    Requirements are analyzed by our QA team throughout the development cycle. Then test cases, scenarios, and automated testing routines are created. Our QA engineers’ main goal in this process is to assure that the requirements are unambiguous, consistent and testable. The simplest way to confirm that is to create an appropriate test for the function or property described in a requirement.
  • Devexperts Functional Testing

    Functional Testing

    Functional testing experts accumulate business logic knowledge and provide functional testing for the projects. They analyze requirements, design tests, manage test cases, and set up test environments. They are also responsible for tracking the development process and eliminating violations.
  • Devexperts Performance Testing

    Performance Testing

    Performance analysis engineers provide any kind of performance analysis for a project, starting from “proof of concept” tests of an architectural prototype and finishing with production environment capacity tests.
  • Devexperts QA Automation

    QA Automation

    Automation engineers’ main responsibility is to provide any kind of support for the functional testing team, including the development of special testing tools and frameworks and auxiliary tools. In general, we use automated tests at the beginning, after that we begin any kind of required feature testing – of course, the type of test depends on the nature of the feature.