Innovations for Fintech

Innovations for Fintech

At Devexperts, this is how we see the future of the trading desk.

Using AI, we created Devexa to be an intelligent assistant for traders, investors, and analysts. With Devexa, access to financial data is quite literally at their fingertips, with gestures and voice commands.


Devexperts provides financial data analytics in a new dimension of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our VR platform is powered by our low-latency data technology, our cloud analytics platform and our own market data infrastructure with direct connectivity to market centers all over the world.

We work to accelerate the widespread adoption of VR/AR technology by traditional financial companies (banks, brokers, exchanges), technological FinTech firms and startups around the world in order to improve customers’ experience, deliver analytical power, innovative visualizations, gamification and new dimensions of interactivity to user interfaces, and introduce innovative ideas of Mixed Reality collaboration.

Devexperts is a proud VRARA FinTech Committee co-chairing member.

Blockchain Smart contracts

We develop and deploy smart contracts onto the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts allow for cryptographically secure data sharing. We can articulate any user’s conditions and any programmable logic, and there is no need for a third party to guarantee their fulfillment – Ethereum smart contracts are immutable and tamper-proof. Smart contracts also make it possible to create tradeable digital tokens with any desired ruleset, thus enabling a limitless set of opportunities for a business. Devexperts can also develop smart contracts that program a creation of virtual autonomous organizations with members voting on matters and a true democracy due to the decentralized nature of Ethereum.


Devexperts utilizes its knowledge of big data and AI in software development of IoT devices. We provide both frontend and backend for them, helping to enrich all kind of facilities with technology and make lives easier. We take pride in our development of software for smart home controllers that ensure smooth trading experience.

We also develop software for wearables such as smart watches. This software is a great compliment to full-fledged applications, ensuring that a user is always up-to-date with their notifications and can trade on the go.

Devexa Virtual Assistant

We developed Devexa, an AI-powered virtual assistant, which helps brokerages in onboarding and serving traders. It is available on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat. Devexa uses conversational UI to interact with traders and an AI to understand the context of the query. Traders are free to use natural language to trade the markets while keeping up to date on real-time quotes, charts and fundamentals, their portfolio, orders and positions from anywhere at any time. Devexa’s interface can be white-labeled and tailored to the broker’s preferences.

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