All Things Devexa: AI-Driven Growth, Engagement, and Client Satisfaction

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Financial institutions always need seamless and efficient client communication and engagement. That’s why we’ve expanded our offering with Devexa, an AI-driven omnichannel communication platform designed to revolutionize the way the financial world interacts with its clients.

Devexa offers a comprehensive solution to enhance growth, client satisfaction, and market expansion.

What is Devexa?

Devexa is a communication platform for retail and institutional brokers, prop trading firms, IBs, trading signal providers, and trading media portals. Devexa combines live chat, video calls, screen sharing, broadcasting, and chatbots into a single interface.

Before we dive deeper, we must note that Devexa’s pronouns are she/her, so don’t get confused when we refer to Devexa this way.

How to make use of Devexa?

There are three areas that Devexa can help your business with

  1. Growth and market expansion
  2. Client engagement and retention
  3. Cost management and scalability.

Integrating your systems with Devexa provides real-time engagement and support for clients (traders, investors, and service users). She also enables tracking client interactions with your trading platform and gaining insights to enhance client experience.

Devexa features AI-driven personalization and smart push notifications that offer clients customized content and timely alerts, fostering greater engagement and satisfaction.

She makes sure that your clients receive relevant market information, business news, and alerts. As a result, you enjoy increased engagement, satisfaction, and trading volumes.

Growth and market expansion

Devexa gathers and analyzes data based on your clients’ interactions, so you can use these analytics to create targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing precision and ROI.

A cross-platform experience guarantees that your clients are engaged at all times. To improve responsiveness and engagement, Devexa enables your clients’ omnichannel engagement by connecting with them on platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp.

One of the most popular use cases for Devexa is real-time support. She handles repetitive inquiries from clients and reduces the load on a support desk through automation, improving response time and customer satisfaction index (CSI). Automation also reduces manual errors and enhances reliability.

Client engagement and retention

Analytics based on Devexa’s gathered behavior data open a window of opportunities for precisely targeted and personalized client communications. After discovering a client’s interests, you can send them news and updates tailored to their preferences. This way, a client won’t dismiss your notifications as irrelevant, which builds solid and long-lasting client lifecycles.

With Devexa, you can also divide clients into specific segments to send alerts and investment suggestions and enhance relevance and engagement.

Cost management and scalability

It all comes down to optimizing operations to make them cost-efficient. Devexa’s AI helps you decrease the need for extensive support teams by automating various tasks. It’s not necessary to turn to automation right off the bat when you start a business, but as your client base expands, Devexa lets you scale resources whilst maintaining quality without proportionally increasing costs.

How does Devexa work?

Devexa evolved from a simple chatbot into an AI-driven omnichannel communication platform. We applied deep learning so Devexa understands natural language, providing your clients with a user-friendly workflow.

Based on our expertise in the brokerage domain, Devexa learned trading and investing slang and now shows excellent results while talking to users. The rest is up to you! You can customize Devexa’s behavior using dozens of pre-programmed scenarios specific to the trading industry and teach her new skills with just a few clicks. Devexa’s advanced multilingual AI will continuously learn to process more inquiries independently. We equipped Devexa with no-code AI customization, so there’s no need for specialized technical skills.

We integrate Devexa with your systems so she has all the data she needs to communicate personally with your clients.

All things Devexa AI-Driven Growth, Engagement, and Client Satisfaction

Devexa comes with preconfigured scripts to handle frequently occurring inquiries, so you’ll get all the common scenarios automated, such as “Show trading balance,” “Reset password,” “Provide withdrawal status,” “Run KYC questionnaire,” “Close specific position,” “Place market order,” “Show news,” etc.

If, at some point, Devexa fails to assist your client, it allows your staff to smoothly switch from AI to human support to maintain service quality. 

Here are some stats that retail brokers can achieve with Devexa:

  1. Average first response time less than 1 second
  2. 35% of inquiries are handled without involving a human operator
  3. Customer satisfaction index (CSI) improves by 12%.

How do you deliver Devexa?

We ensure that Devexa adheres to your brand identity, tone of voice, and design. Thanks to deep white labeling, she’s ready to transform into a new person instantly.

We also take care of your operators by delivering an admin panel that they’ll use to train Devexa, communicate with clients, broadcast mass messages, and analyze conversations and client feedback.


AI is changing the game, and the financial industry is no exception. Devexa empowers businesses to scale, optimize costs, and deliver unparalleled client satisfaction. The financial sector traditionally resists changes until the last breath, but it’s time to embrace digital transformation as the world goes through difficult times and companies need to optimize spending.

Devexa’s role in reshaping client interactions and fostering business growth cannot be understated. With its advanced capabilities and deep customization features, she’s poised to lead the way in driving the future of client engagement for trading professionals worldwide.