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18 years of experience
building capital markets software solutions

Unique Set of Components
All our solutions are modular and our clients can select just the components they need and integrate them into their existing infrastructure or they can assemble the entire set of components to build a complete standalone product.
Shorter Time to Market
Our customized solutions are based on ready-to-use components of our existing trading platform framework. This allows us to deliver complex financial solutions significantly faster when compared to other technology providers.
Global Compliance
All our financial solutions are compliant with regulatory requirements in major financial regions of the world (SEC, FCA, CySEC, CMB, JFSA, etc.) and conform with the standards of the most important global exchanges and market participants.
FinTech Consulting
We provide consulting services in software architecture, engineering, UI design, hardware setup for trading platforms and data services.
Flexible Contract Options
Our solutions can be white-labeled, licensed or fully owned by the client. We offer fixed price, time-and-materials and a variety of other commercial contract options.
Award-Winning Solutions
The high performance and design of our solutions resulted in our clients being recognized by some of the world’s most prestigious financial industry magazines such as Barron’s, Trader Monthly, Shares and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.

What We Do

  • Equities & Derivatives Trading Platforms
  • Forex/CFD Trading Platforms
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms
  • Solutions for Exchanges
  • Wealth Management Solutions
    • Equities & Derivatives Trading Platforms
    • Forex/CFD Trading Platforms
    • Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms
    • Solutions for Exchanges
    • Wealth Management Solutions
Custom Equities, Options and Futures Trading Platform

Multi-Asset Trading Platform

A trading platform that supports trading of multiple asset classes. It integrates with the broker’s portal, compliance systems, market data and exchange gateways & can be easily white-labelled. It offers end user-centric components such as trading alerts, technical analysis tools, market news, economic calendars, etc.

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Custom Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

A trading platform for cryptomarkets that supports trading of digital assets (margin and direct exchange), as well as cryptoderivatives. The platform is integrated with ~20 cryptoexchanges. It exposes an API for integration with custody, customer portal, CRM, back-office software and other third-party components and is ready for white-labeling.

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Custom Forex/OTC Trading Platform

Forex, CFDs & Spread Betting Platform

A customizable trading platform for both retail and institutional brokers that can be easily white-labelled. It can be easily integrated with the broker’s ecosystem including CRM, liquidity and market data providers, prime broker, as well as end user-centric components such as trading alerts, technical analysis tools, market news, economic calendars, etc.

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Exchange Solutions Trading Platform Exchange Solutions Trading Platform

Solutions for Exchanges

Solutions range from a standalone matching engine to a complete infrastructure for exchanges specializing in stocks, options, futures, as well as cryptocurrency trading.

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Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth Management Solutions

The portfolio and risk management software includes customer portals and advanced reporting for investment management firms and advisors.

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Turkish Capital Markets Summit 2019 in Istanbul: “Transformation”
Turkish Capital Markets Summit 2019 in Istanbul: “Transformation”
Market data volumes are increasing, and a new generation of traders are becoming more demanding. Software for allowing them to interact with other market participants has made competition between brokers more intense. It is not the technology that transforms financial markets, but the people who stand behind it.
Consulting and Design of a Copy Trading System for Investor Pitch
The Client is a financial institution, which operates on the highly competitive Turkish capital market. In order to stand out, the Client wanted to offer the lowest latency for order execution.
Unified Advisor Portal for Business Restructuring
The Client wanted to restructure its business, which included four entities each using its own legacy advisor portal. The Client required a unified ecosystem that would retain the full functionality of the legacy portals and provide advisors with a new set of features.
Risk Management Tool to Protect Traders in AvaTradeGO and WebTrader
AvaTrade looked into enhancing its web and mobile trading terminals with a feature that will make them stand out among competitors. They decided to implement a risk management tool that would help with customer retention and acquiring new customers, including novice traders.
Asset Management Firm Solves Docflow Bottleneck with Report Automation
A US asset management firm used to manually operate paper flow. As the business grew, dealing with documentation manually became too time-consuming and required a reimagining. Devexperts dealt with this bottleneck through paper flow automation and the unification of documents.

Financial industry awards

Barron's award
Berlin Design Awards Gold
bobsguide 2019
codie finalist
Forex Magnates award
StockBrokers award 2019
technical analyst awards 2020
european fintech award

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