Fibonacci Spiral
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    Fibonacci Spiral

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    Fibonacci Spiral is derived from the Golden Spiral concept: the spiral is inscribed into squares each side of which is based on Fibonacci-number. It's believed that the spiral coils intersect significant price points on the chart. Fibonacci Spiral is drawn by two extreme points that make up a trendline. 

    To add Fibonacci Spiral to the chart, click its name or the iconfibonacci_spiralon the Drawings Panel. Specify first point on the chart to start drawing a trendline, then specify the second point to place the spiral.

    Note: To cancel drawing, press ESC

    fibonacci_spiralFibonacci Spiral

    Actions with the Fibonacci Spiral

    • To edit the Fibonacci Spiral (its trendline), drag it by one of the points.
    • To move the Fibonacci Spiral, drag it by one of its lines to where you want it on the chart.
    Note: To open the settings window, double-click a line on the chart

    Fibonacci Spiral Toolbartoolbar1(2)

    Color. In the Color section, you can change the color of the Fibonacci Spiral entirely. The slider at the bottom is intended to set transparency of the color.
    To create a custom color:
    • clickto open the color picker
    • by using the slider at the bottom, adjust the main color
    • on the color picker, set a shade for the main color

    The custom-created colors are added to your palette. To remove a custom color, drag it out of the palette.

    Weight. In the Weight section, you can set the thickness and style of the Fibonacci Spiral entirely (currently, only dashed style is available).
    Settings. A set of parameters that are described in Fibonacci Spiral Settings.
    Lock. Locks the drawing position. The figure cannot be moved or edited on the chart.
    Delete. Removes the Fibonacci Spiral from the chart.
    Note: To delete a Fibonacci Spiral, you can also press the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard

    Fibonacci Spiral Settings

    • Coordinates. The coordinates of two points of the trendline you can specify manually by filling out the values for the prices, dates and time.
    • Style. In this section, you can set a color and style for the spiral.
      Spiral Length - sets the length of the spiral.
      Counterclockwise - changes the direction of the spiral to the opposite.

    Click Close to apply the settings.

    Note: At the bottom-left corner of the window, click Restore Defaults to reset the settings