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    Price axis

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    Price axis is a price scale (Y-axis) which is used to represent the relationship between price and time. The Price Axis can be customized depending on your needs. You can change the scale type, its position, show labels and lines, invert scale, move the scale to the left side of the charts, and so on.

    Price axis Right-click the price axis to open the shortcut menu with the following options:

    Auto-scale price axis. Turns on auto-scale for the price axis. You can choose what objects on the chart the price axis should be fit to while auto-scaling:

    • Fit Studies. The price axis is scaled automatically to fit indicators.
    • Fit Positions. The price axis is scaled automatically to fit positions.
    • Fit Orders. The price axis is scaled automatically to fit orders.
    Note: The auto-scale works for Regular and Logarithmic scale types only

    Invert scale. Inverts the direction of the price axis.
    Lock scale. Locks the price axis so that it adjusts to the bars as you zoom in and out of the chart.
    Move scale to the left. Attaches price axis to the left side of the chart.

    Type of the price axis:

    • Regular – a linear price scale where the prices are positioned equidistantly (equally far away) from one another. 
    • Percent – the scale shows percentage value instead of price points. The scale shows the percentage change between the current price value and the starting price value of a candle. The value of 0% corresponds to the starting price of the first candle visible on the chart.
      The percent price axis is generally used in the Compare charts mode. You can also click % in the bottom-right corner of the chart to activate the percent price axis.
      Percentage value = (current price - starting price)  / starting price * 100, where:

      Current pricethe current price of a choosen instrument. The price type is set in the Chart settings > Data > Price type.
      Starting price – the price at which a candle begins.
    • Logarithmic - a logarithmic price scale represents proportional changes between values. That means that the prices are positioned not equidistantly but accordingly to a percent change between them. You can also click Log in the bottom-right corner of the chart to activate logarithmic price axis.
    Logarithmic price axis
    Example: The distance between 1.2 and 2.4 prices is equal to the distance between 0.5 and 1.0. In both cases the second value is twice as bigger than the first one, so the growth is equal to 100%. It means that both of the prices will be shown equidistantly on the scale.  

    Labels and lines. Here you can choose whether to show only labels, only lines or both on the price axis. Every option on the menu has 4 available modes, click the icon to switch between modes:

    1. Show only labels
    2. Show only lines
    3. Show both labels and lines
    4. Show neither labels nor lines

    You can set labels and lines for the following objects on the charts and price axis:

    • Symbol
    • Indicators
    • Bid and ask
    • High and low
    • Previous day close
    • Pre and post market close

    Descriptions. Adds captions for the lines and labels that you've set.
    Countdown to bar close. Shows a bar lifetime on the price axis.