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Add value to your website by embedding the DXcharts widget in minutes. No logo, no link, customizable UI, and market data for your needs.
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Why Our Widget?

One-minute integration
Configure settings. Copy HTML code. Paste it. That's it!
White label
Customize the widget with your logo!
Easy Market Data Integration
Seamless integration of a ready-to-go solution. Provide your end-users with futures, equities, indices, FX, and crypto data.
Perfect for the web
JS + HTML. Mobile-friendly. Lightweight.
Instantaneous analysis
40+ drawings, 100+ indicators, 10+ chart types. Put them all on your website.
Supersonic speed
Use complex charting without worrying about performance. Charts stay responsive and nimble, even with thousands of bars, hundreds of drawings, and dozens of indicators.

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More dxFeed Financial Widgets

We also offer lightweight widgets developed by dxFeed that are powerful in showing trends and yet not-heavily loaded with technical analysis features.

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer.
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How do I add the widget to my web page?
When you configure the widget above, it auto-generates an embed code. You can ask your website admin to use that code. Before that, please contact us to sign up for the market data feed you need.
What is the difference between the widget and other Devexperts charting products?
The financial widget is designed for websites. It’s easy to configure, embed, and get the relevant data from dxFeed. The charting libraries are more powerful and designed to be integrated with a trading or analytical platform.
What is the price of DXcharts Widget?
Please contact us to discuss the market data package and we’ll provide you with the price tag. The widget itself is pretty affordable, even for small businesses.
Can I connect my data feed to DXcharts Widget?
No, but you can do this with our charting libraries.
Can I change the widget's style based on my company brand?
Absolutely yes! If the constructor above isn’t enough and you need custom styles and branding, contact us, and we’ll do that for you.
How are trial license periods regulated?

Terms, conditions, and details about DXcharts trial license is governed by the ‘DXcharts Trial License Agreement’ here

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