Version 5.9.1
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    Version 5.9.1

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    Article Summary

    DXcharts powers DXtrade, DXfina, and FinCharts.
    Check our website to find more information about DXcharts library.

    Release date: Mar 7, 2024

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • The selection of chart objects (e.g. news/events/drawings) now works correctly after multiple taps.
    • Fixed an issue when drawings are not removed from Dynamic objects properly.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect applying default values on drawings config.
    • Fixed an issue with the colors when changing a layout.
    • Users can now type the ":" symbol into the Text drawing.
    • Exception errors no longer occur in the log after adding drawings for a new layout.
    • Price labels on the Price scale now work for all aggregation periods.
    • Fixed an issue with reseting all changes to default in the Multichart layout.
    • Trading: execution tooltips are now consistently displayed in bubble mode.

    What's Next