Version 5.11.0
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    Version 5.11.0

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    DXcharts powers DXtrade, DXfina, and FinCharts.
    Check our website to find more information about DXcharts library.

    Release date: June 19, 2024

    Volume by price: Range volume profile, Anchored volume profile

    We've added two drawing tools to display the amount of volume on the chart. Both are part of Volume by Price system:

    The Volume by price drawings show how much volume there is at a certain range on the chart. They can be used to identify the current and to estimate the future support and resistance levels based on the amount of volume.

    Range volume profile
    Anchored volume profile

    Theme Builder

    To experiment with custom colors for your charts, we've created a Theme Builder. Here's a playground where you can apply different colors to the chart elements.

    Theme builder

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Fixed an issue with incorrect display of Market state.
    • Fixed an issue when Drawing mode is deactivated after selecting Multichart layout.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect volume display in Multichart layout.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect display of extended hours and session breaks.
    • Fixed an issue when Magnet mode is activated in Multichart layout without selecting it.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect indicator names on a snapshot.
    • Fixed an issue when countdown label doesn't work properly for some aggregation periods on DXcharts demo.
    • Fixed an issue with wrong order direction when adding Limit/Stop order.
    • Fixed an issue when news are not displayed.
    • Improved Pitchfork drawing tool.
    • Fixed an issue when protection orders plates can be moved outside the main chart.
    • Fixed an issue when a Post label is displayed intstead of Pre label during non-trading hours.
    • Fixed an issue for Firefox and Safari browsers when the logo doesn't appear when sharing a snapshot.


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