Version 5.6.8
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    Version 5.6.8

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    Article Summary

    DXcharts powers DXtrade, DXfina, and FinCharts.
    Check our website to find more information about DXcharts library.

    Release date: Oct 17, 2023

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Developed an API to modify the appearance of all labels including studies (indicators) and the last label.
    • Fixed an issue when "Restore to Default" doesn't affect parameters in the edit fields for indicators.
    • Restructured the ServiceDataProvider interface to use Callback/Promise.
    • Fixed the order of labels in the Price scale.
    • Redesigned and fixed bugs in Trading from chart functionality.
    • Fixed an issue when Drawing active state point is always on top.
    • Fixed an issue when a pointer can't be moved to the descriptions popover position.
    • Fixed an issue with displaying Line and label Previous day's close price when aggregation period > 23h.
    • Fixed an issue with removing dxScript study form the list after closing the edit popup.

    What's Next