Antique Statue’s in Fintech: Behind the Scenes

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Join Devexperts on a curious journey that led them to combine the theme of stone statues of antiquity and fintech.

How do you set your products apart from the competition in a narrow saturated marketplace? This is never an easy task, particularly if you are working in a specific B2B segment and your clients are large companies. We all know that a trial can sometimes yield results. But in general we have found at Devexperts that when promoting our products and services it is often more efficient and secure to use live demos in a bid to familiarize a customer with how we can revolutionize their business. Regularly attending exhibitions and interacting with our prospective customers, it is paramount that our products stand out from the crowd. It was with this reason in mind that led our talented team of designers, to develop the unique idea of introducing the theme of Greek and Roman statues into our recent brochure.


The journey

Attending a trade show last year, Devexperts followed the usual format of visiting numerous exhibition stands, striking up conversations about a particular product and leaving a brochure. Typically, the brochure we had spent many hours painstakingly producing would be added to a rapidly accumulating pile of information left by our competitors. What we immediately noticed was that the majority of brochures produced by IT providers were fairly functional, with endless screenshots, technical descriptions and lists of product features. They lacked character and personality, and failed to express the uniqueness of their products.

For this reason, we agreed that Devexperts would break the mould and instead try and emphasize the essential qualities of our solutions and clearly depict the differences in a more imaginative way. We did not want to simply list the advantages of our products, but rather express them through familiar images with a little more charisma. It was this unique idea that led to the creation of a brochure incorporating stone statues.

Why statues?

Beautifully crafted sculptures left behind by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, symbolize strength and celebrate the human form in the physical world by occupying a 3D space. These incredible works of art have endured centuries of change and survived, still to be admired and appreciated as much today as they were in the distant past. An IT solution is not a tangible item, you can’t hold it in your hands, and often the only way to fully appreciate how it looks, feels and operates is to actively use it. Displaying our products alongside these beautiful masterpieces helps to associate Devexperts solutions with an elegant physical form. A statue projects a feeling of durability and longevity, an important factor in our business which has a 99.99% index of trouble free operation. In the past 15 years, not once has market or technological turbulence had any effect on Devexperts products.

Greek and Roman statues can be understood on different levels. You can be new to exploring sculpture and still enjoy how they look and make you feel, and even get a strong sense of the mood of the subject. In contrast, the knowledge and understanding of an art historian or experienced enthusiast can offer profound insight, revealing who the historical or mythical figures were, or the story behind what the artist wished to convey. Striving to offer both transparency and depth with all of our products, we identify closely with the image of the statue. The user interface for Devexperts trading applications are on the surface intuitive and easy to understand; especially for an individual new to trading. But explore deeper, and you will find you have the capability and variety of instruments that can empower the most experienced trader.

Statues of antiquity are revered across the world as the foundation of Western visual arts. They are the products of two richly developed cultures and a way of life that still greatly influences us all to this very day. They have been copied and interpreted, and will remain a source of inspiration to artists for the foreseeable future. As technical developers, we too aspire to create solutions that are both desirable and sustainable. We want our products to be enjoyed and celebrated and, as a consequence, we make a huge effort to design products that are versatile and easily scalable to the size of an international market, with millions of end users; as well as offering the facility to be localized for particular countries.

Demetrius with applewatch

Our mission

Devexperts company ethos demands that everything we create is original. That is why we agreed to use our in-house talent to shoot all of the photographs for the brochure at the museum of the Academy of Arts. We hope you find the final result of stone statues holding and interacting with technology to be both striking and humorous. Our objective was to grab your attention, and create a natural talking point – with an aim to breaking the ice!

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