Beyond the Office: What Are the Benefits of Remote Working?

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When you are confined to work and live in the same place for a long time, it is easy to start dreaming of sprawling estates like Downton Abbey while feeling as anxious as the crew in Battlestar Galactica. No matter what tv shows you may have binge-watched during 2020, you definitely still had work to do. And while you must have found a lot of surprises yourself, here is our take on positive things about working from home.  

7 ways in which working from home has improved our lifestyle 

1. Enjoying flexible hours

Definitely one of the best wins out of this new reality is the chance to have more control over your time. As a Pew Research Center study has shown, employees working from home say they now have more flexibility in their working hours. In addition, a significant percentage of these workers state that it’s easier now to balance work with family responsibilities.

2. Saying goodbye to commute 

Even if you are missing the office, you probably don’t miss the commute. Being stuck in traffic is one particular kind of annoyance we were trained to expect in our modern busy lives.

Сommuting has long been considered stress-inducing, as studies have shown before. When working from home, you are not only saving your time, but you are also avoiding long-term exposure to vehicle exhaust commonly associated with respiratory problems.

“Time is the most precious asset. Not wasting time on a commute to and from an office is a benefit.” –  Evgeniy, Senior Software Developer 

3. Having more time to be with your loved ones 

What do you get when you save time on the commute and the hours become flexible? More time to be with your family and friends! Even if you’re currently in lockdown, enjoy this extra time by video chatting or messaging with your loved ones.

4. Being creative with your own workstation 

Did you know that having the ability to create or customize your own work setup is actually proven to increase motivation?    

Most of the time, when we are working from an office space, there are limitations to the level of customization we can make. But when you work in the comfort of your own home, you are free to tailor your workstation however you like.  

Take this opportunity to create the ideal workspace for you, surround yourself with things that inspire you and keep you motivated. 

5. Being more comfortable than ever 

We all know that the temperature in the office is a running joke in many sitcoms. It’s no surprise: remember how it is when the room temperature is too low for you but is perfectly fine to everyone else?  It’s one of those little annoyances that can affect our productivity — and we even barely notice it!

When working remotely, on the other hand, you’re free to make yourself comfortable.

6. Being more eco-friendly

A significant positive environmental impact was imminent when people reduced their commute. We have all seen the 2020 news how pollution across the globe reduced thanks to the pandemic restrictions.

7. Ensuring diversity and inclusion 

Nowadays with remote working, companies have a larger talent pool to choose from. With that comes the possibility to hire people from different cultural backgrounds and diverse walks of life. 

Remote work also creates more job opportunities for those with disabilities and caregivers who need a flexible work schedule more than anyone else. 

But what if you are struggling to work remotely? 

Even those who prefer to work remotely have their days or weeks where they struggle to stay productive. If you do, we have tips for you to overcome it:

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries 

Even now it can be hard for those we live with to understand that working from home is still working. You need to be clear and non-apologetic about your working hours and make them a priority that should be respected by others.  

Take a break (yes, really) 

Breaks can be the unsung heroes of remote working. It’s easy to forget to take them during the day, especially when working alone. However, you are not doing anyone any favors if you skip lunch or forget to drink water during the day. 

Taking breaks is good for your productivity. They help to keep your focus in check and to stay sharp throughout the working hours.

“We all know that sometimes it’s not easy to always be working from home (I speak for myself, as I prefer to be in at the office with everyone). But, one thing I learned from this, is that making some pauses or going outside for a walk can help a lot to maintain yourself focused and energized during the day. And it’s also vital to keep hope alive in the belief that we will return as soon as possible to the “new normal” life.” – Miguel, Recruitment Specialist 

Break down your tasks into small units of time 

Working in bursts can help you manage the entire day in a more healthy and productive way. One of the most well-known techniques for this is the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work without breaks till the alarm goes off. Afterward, take a 5-minute break to do nothing work-related. Repeat!

There are several time management apps available to help you track your time with this technique or others. Experiment with them and find one that works for you. 

Shield away from the noise 

It’s not only in the office that we run the risk of being distracted by background noise. Whether you have noisy housemates or there’s a construction site right across the street, noise can pull away your attention when you least expect it to. 

Music and white noise can help you get back on track and into the flow. Also, consider investing in good quality noise-canceling headphones to shield yourself from outside annoyances. 

Switch locations 

Music and white noise can help you get back on track and into the flow. Also, consider investing in good quality noise-canceling headphones to shield yourself from outside annoyances.  

Remote working at Devexperts 

At Devexperts, we are no strangers to working from home. We always championed the idea of flexible hours and trusted our employees’ commitment to work with the same level of dedication wherever they are. 

Besides making flexible schedules one of our key benefits, we also have several job opportunities with the possibility of remote working. Take a look here and come work with us!