The Future of the Trading Desk: an Intelligent Assistant For Traders

3 min read

At Devexperts, this is how we see the future of the trading desk.

Using AI, we created Devexa to be an intelligent assistant for traders, investors, and analysts. With Devexa, access to financial data is quite literally at their fingertips, with gestures and voice commands.

The intelligent trading platform of the future combines augmented reality (AR) technology to work everywhere, Leap Motion to track gestures, expert systems to solve tasks using knowledge base, and voice recognition technologies. It acts as an artificial self-taught assistant serving the financial sector.

Natural voice recognition means traders, just by using their everyday voice, can speak into various different smart devices, such as smartwatch or speakers, and get immediate assistance. This includes requesting real time data, financial news, setting alerts for shifts in the market and even execute trades. Devexa also recognizes gesture, users can now deliver high level presentations in the boardroom or educate future traders by pulling up charts on a monitor, with a bluetooth clicker or a simple motion of the hand.

What’s more is that traders and investors are no longer restricted by a physical conference room, monitors, or even an office, instead they can take advantage of ‘workplace everywhere’ technology. Devexa can be implemented on a wireless mixed reality (MR) headset or AR smart glasses, with a 360 degree view. Wealth managers, investors and traders can visualize their ideas in real time; and because they are in the same virtual conference room looking at the same data, they can collaborate more effectively and make better decisions, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world. 

Devexa can connect financial market participants from New York to Hong Kong, on the ground or in the air, the whole world will become a virtual conference room.