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DXcharts powers DXtrade, DXfina, and FinCharts.
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DXcharts mobile has all the same drawing tools as the DXcharts Web version. The drawings are great for predicting the direction of prices (trends) on the charts. They include basic linear drawings such as Trend Line or Price Line, geometric shapes and objects such as Oval or Rectangle, "sticker"-type drawings, and specialized advanced drawings like Fibonacci Retracements or Gann Box.

Find the Tools panel on the main screen, tap the Drawingsicon to show the drawings from quick access.

Tools panel

Quick access drawings

The quick access panel contains the previously added or favorite drawings, which can be added by tappingbutton. Scroll through the list and select all the drawings you want to see in the quick access panel.

The list of drawings
Note: To remove the drawing from quick access, tap on the drawing again

Tap any drawing from quick access to show the drawings panel. For each drawing, you can turn on the Magnet Mode and Drawing mode, change the thickness of the lines or change the color.

 Drawings panel

Magnet and drawing modes

You can turn on the following modes for each drawing:

  • Magnet Mode. In Magnet mode, the drawing snaps to the elements on the chart.
  • Drawing Mode. In Drawing mode, you can draw several drawings in a row without having to select them again.
Note: To turn off the mode, tap the icon again

Lines thickness

Tap the iconon the Drawings panel to open the slider bar. Use the slider to change the thickness of the drawing lines.

Adjusting the thickness


Tap the iconon the Drawings panel to open the Color picker. Here, you can change a color of the drawing. Scroll through the list of available colors, tap the color circle to apply the new color to the drawing.

Color picker

To create a custom color:

  1. Scroll through the list of colors to the end, tapto open the palette.
  2. Adjust the main color at the upper part of the palette.
  3. Then, use the slider at the bottom to set the opacity of the color if needed.
  4. Tapto apply and save the color or tapto return to Settings.
  5. The custom-created colors are added to the end of the list.


Note: To remove a color, tap and hold the color circle in the Color picker, then select Delete. The currently selected color can't be deleted.

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