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Matching Engines for Dummies

Matching Engines for Dummies

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Who is it for?

Prepare to delve deep into the intricacies of matching engine operations! This book is a treasure trove for brokers, brokerage staff, aspiring entrepreneurs eager to launch their own exchanges, and anyone curious about how exchanges work. The matching engine is a vital but often overlooked technology at the heart of exchanges. We’ll introduce the basics of how modern exchanges work, which is a small part of the larger picture aimed at demonstrating the situation’s complexity.

What will you learn from this book?

You will learn about the basics of how a modern exchange operates from the perspective of its central component. We will explore how traders typically express orders and how these orders are managed by exchanges and processed by the matching engine. We will focus on the critical design considerations that all exchanges must address when setting up their infrastructure. Additionally, we will introduce the competing considerations of reliability and performance and show how these can be balanced in different implementations.

About the author

Sergey Samushin joined Devexperts in 2006 and progressed from developer to head of exchange solutions. He has overseen the development of wealth management portal complexes and a brokerage system for U.S. financial advisors.

Currently, Sergey manages DXmatch, a high-performance, ultra-low-latency solution for exchanges of all sizes and markets.

Back at the university, Sergey majored in complex systems, network science, and computation.