A Mobile Banking and Trading App for TEB Investment
Case study

A Mobile Banking and Trading App for TEB Investment

About the Client

TEB Investment (TEB Yatırım) is a brokerage that offers exchange-traded securities and derivatives. The company is an investment branch of one of Türkiye’s leading banks, Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş. It has been operating in the investment world since 1997 in partnership with the French BNP Paribas Group.

Business Challenge

TEB Investment needed mobile trading apps for iOS and Android, so their customers could monitor and manage portfolios on the go. The client wanted the apps to be developed specifically for the Turkish market and equipped with numerous custom features.

The software vendor had to develop the apps in line with the bank’s regulations and successfully adhere to compliance procedures.


TEB Investment chose Devexperts to develop the mobile apps because we had previously worked with them, and that collaboration went well. We also have extensive experience working in the Turkish market.

The client’s deadlines were tight because they had numerous projects in development and needed to release them in rapid succession. However, we met the schedule because we already had a custom multi-asset trading platform developed specifically for the Turkish market. We just needed to tailor this platform to the client’s requirements and equip it with the required widgets.

We customized the platform into a banking app with full-fledged trading and analytical capabilities. The traded asset classes include stocks, options, futures, and warrants available on Borsa Istanbul.

Per the client’s request, we implemented a custom recommendations feature for investors. Now, client research experts can provide investors with market analytics and reports, inspiring them to make better-informed decisions when managing portfolios.

Heatmap widget in TEB
Heatmap widget in TEB YATIRIM TRADER

During the project execution, we implemented various client-facing widgets, such as a heatmap. For stock market monitoring, we integrated market news and data sources into the app and equipped it with configurable alarms. To speed up the users’ decision-making process, we put a quick order entry panel at the bottom of the UI. 

TEB Investment also wanted to simplify signing paperwork with investors, so we implemented a document interchange architecture. The process is now automated, and investors can sign documents inside the apps.

We also introduced two-factor authentication to meet the client’s security requirements.

Once development and testing were completed, the apps went through the bank’s compliance procedure. The client then confirmed the apps meet regulatory requirements, and we released them on the App Store and Google Play.


TEB Investment launched TEB YATIRIM TRADER, an iOS and Android mobile banking app for trading stocks, options, futures, and warrants.

TEB YATIRIM TRADER is equipped with tools and sources for technical analysis. The app can now help TEB Investment experts to issue market analytics and reports. Additionally, investors can leverage the info within the app to expertly manage portfolios and make better-informed decisions.

TEB YATIRIM TRADER also provides investors with market data sourced by dxFeed and custom news.

Investors will also enjoy a simplified document flow: they’ll finally be able to review and sign paperwork inside the TEB YATIRIM TRADER apps.

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