Order Management System

Order Management System

Our order management system dxTrade OMS is broker-neutral. Its main purpose is real-time processing of orders and account data. Order processing includes validation and routing to both internal dxTrade OMS plugins and to external liquidity providers/execution venues. Account data processed and represented includes account info, balances, portfolios, and working orders as well as recent trading and non-trading activities.

dxTrade OMS key features:

  • Placing, canceling, and modifying orders
  • Monitoring accounts and working orders
  • Sending orders to an execution venue via an adapter or a simple FIX connection
  • Reporting order statuses
  • Performing back-office operations on the accounts


All of the APIs are similar in structure and can be used in any combination based on the needs of each particular customer.

dxTrade OMS architecture benefits

dxTrade Core has an open architecture so that external applications are supported. This can be especially useful for customers that have proprietary risk management, order validation, or margin calculation solutions.

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