Designing Complex Systems From Scratch

Enhancement of existing interfaces

Digital key visual creation

User experience audit

Stock trading platform design

DXtrade XT

DXtrade XT is our trading platform for brokers offering exchange-traded securities and derivatives. Along with a configurable web interface, we equipped the platform with web and mobile trading apps, a fractional order management system, and a suite of broker tools.

Human interface design for brokerage staff and end users


We’ve designed an admin interface for Devexa, our AI assistant for brokers and traders. Devexa helps automate brokerage processes, and her admin interface allows brokers to configure responses, train AI, and switch to manual message handling in particular cases.


traders use Devexperts
technology daily

AI trading assistant Devexa

Devexa is the embodiment of AI-driven customer care and sales. She caters to your clients and takes the burden off a broker’s shoulders.

More about Devexa

Our design solutions streamline business processes and reduce expenses

Jira Time Tracker

Jira Time Tracker (JTT) is a solution that optimizes tracking and billing processes in IT companies. It auto-syncs with Jira, and there are two tracking methods: retrospective and real-time.

The charting products we develop combine precision and usability, with regard to theoretical approaches and best practices in information design


Never miss a market opportunity with DXcharts, our financial charting library and one-stop shop for all market information. We’ve equipped DXcharts with videos, animations, and third-party apps.


day to change DXcharts color scheme to match your brand

Our UX/UI designs compete with thousands of solutions and come out on the winning side

DXtrade Mobile

The goal was to create a mobile trading app with full-fledged functionality, so traders have markets at their fingertips.

An NDA-protected project

Our client, a major player in investment education and options trading, won this award for the app we redesigned for them. Our task was to reimagine the app’s look and feel and add videos with financial information, investment strategies, and entertaining options trading content.

Industries we work in

Capital markets




Asset management

A middleware for retail brokers with multiple trading instances


An admin interface for a gateway that helps retail brokers manage multiple trading servers. Gate45 enables easy integration of the broker’s ecosystem with various industry-standard trading platforms.

Since 2002, we’ve released 86 fintech solutions. We’re ready to design one for you


Phinom is one of the projects where a client wanted to upgrade their legacy solution and move away from trading by phone. We’ve designed this platform so that it features the latest advances in trading technology and addresses the needs of private banks and high-net-worth individuals.


financial applications designed

User experience audit of a trading solution suite

An NDA-protected project

A stock broker requested an audit of their internal platform and web, mobile, and tablet apps for end-users. We’ve reviewed the design and made an improvement proposal.


presentation screens


application screens


UX/UI notes

We also create visual web designs for promotional campaigns

Worldwide team

We deliver systems to our clients in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other regions.


We follow W3C standards to maximize product usage on any device and network. We also follow all requirements for better compatibility.


We design applications based on common sense and the user empathy framework backed by real-world data and verifiable sources.

Design assurance

We design and assess UIs according to the laws of UX as a component of complex psychology heuristics.

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