UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Services we offer

  • UI design from scratch
    UI design from scratch
  • Design Redesign
    Redesigning an existing solution
  • Design Audit
  • Design Consulting
  • Design Prototyping
  • Devexperts UI design from scratch

    UI design from scratch

    We can build a whole platform or a stand-alone component. The result is a clickable design prototype ready to be implemented on your backend.
  • Devexperts UI design Redesign

    Redesigning an existing solution

    Simplification of the user experience while keeping the brand recognition.
  • Devexperts UI design Audit


    Supervising and touching up projects in progress, usability review, and determination of critical design flaws.
  • Devexperts UI design Consulting


    Identifying customer needs, establishing design strategies and plans for improvement.
  • Devexperts UI design Prototyping


    Creating a simulation or a sample version of a final product, which is used for testing prior to launch.

Types of platforms

Conversational UI
Voice Assistants

Our key design principles


Support for any compliance and standardized requirements for customers with visual or hearing impairments, such as colour sensation, contrasts, hotkeys and voice control.

Friendly and self-explanatory interfaces

We test ease-of-use by dividing users into social groups that will interact with our UIs.

Issues we solve

  • Replacement of legacy systems
  • Design of new functions
  • Creating engaging designs
  • Automation for updating business processes and solving conservative tasks
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Visual and mental communication for regional markets, compliance with regional regulators

Our design process for a financial application

  • We have open dialogues with our customers to uncover their business’s essence
  • We conduct business analysis and research to understand both the business and their users’ needs
  • We create our own design vision
  • We use our own existing frameworks to create advanced projects omitting the wireframe stage. Then we create dynamic prototypes to clarify the user flow
  • When there is a finalized blueprint, the project is transferred to the development team, who use our in-house color palette management tool Chameleon to ensure prime design quality

Our portfolio of design projects

dxTrade Mobile
dxTrade Mobile
dxTrade Mobile

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