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Fintech Consulting

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Throughout the years of our experience serving the financial services industry, we have been able to accumulate a body of knowledge, a number of case studies and have learned a lot of lessons. You can review the summary of our experiences in our case studies section.

We are now happy to offer our expertise to help companies who would like to step into the financial services industry and guide them along their journey.

Leveraging our past experience and knowledge, our experts can advise you on a broad selection of topics.

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We provide market analysis and technology assessment along with expert advice on software development, infrastructure, and security

Enterprise grade software engineering processes

  • Software development
  • Architecture development
  • Design
  • Quality assurance
  • Delivery processes audits
  • Coaching
  • Implementing best practices

High throughput and low latency

  • Statement of work (SoW)
  • High-level requirements specifications
  • Project documentation for a steering committee
  • IT infrastructure for a trading platform, exchange, data warehouse and etc.
  • Market data delivery infrastructure

Business process analysis and re-engineering

  • Roadmap feasibility studies
  • Business model verification
  • Operations lifecycle
  • Investment planning
  • Cost analysis
  • Market & product analysis

Technology vendors benchmark

  • Technology assessment
  • Vendor selection
  • Proof of concept projects


  • MIFID II and GDPR compliance
  • Jurisdiction advice
  • Contracts development
  • Legal risk management profile

Information technology security setup for financial industry firms

  • Data protection best practices
  • Data storage infrastructure
  • Certification and compliance

Who benefits from our services

Our expertise can be useful to technology startups who need guidance and supervision in the volatile world of crypto and conventional markets with more regulations coming, and mature brokers who would like to take their setup to the next level and scale up their operations and business.

If you would like to start your own exchange business in futures or crypto, we have successful projects under our belt.

If you are in a need of advice on ultra-low-latency or high throughput system development or evaluation, Devexperts is a specialist in those as well.

Do you need a consultation for your project?

Reach out if you’re considering an infrastructure or software engineering processes audit, thinking of replacing a trading platform, enterprise bus, or any complex system that empowers your brokerage, banking or exchange business.

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