Boosting Trade Capacities for a Major Prop Trading Firm
Case study

Boosting Trade Capacities for a Major Prop Trading Firm

About the Client

This funded trading firm stands out for its unique trading experiences. They offer themed challenges to traders across the globe, attracting over 100,000 live accounts. The client is known for its user-oriented culture and community. They have a vibrant community on Discord, nurturing strong engagement. They intend to protect this reputation with consistent service delivery and platform performance.

Business Challenge

Due to an unexpected blanket cancellation of trading platform software licenses triggered by a catalyst beyond their control, the firm suddenly needed to find a new vendor that could help them get their services back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Simultaneously, they also needed to address existing stability concerns that they had been experiencing. 

Their volume of users was expanding rapidly (great), but the previous infrastructure hadn’t been able to accommodate peak user activity. There had been instances of latency and sub-par performance. The client wanted to address this without jeopardizing the positive CSI they had established, which was fuelling their growth. 

They needed a solution that would immediately resolve the performance issues, and also be suitable for their continued expansion plans. 

The client wanted a vendor that could demonstrate they had already successfully deployed similar solutions for other prominent global CFD and cryptocurrency brokers. 

Devexperts ticked all the boxes: They would get them back up and running within a matter of days, address all their performance concerns, and they could demonstrate a large number of successful outcomes in almost identical scenarios.


To address the challenge of accommodating high user volume, Devexperts proposed the deployment of multiple instances of the DXtrade trading platform.

Boosting Trade Capacities for a Major Prop Trading Firm
DXtrade Web Terminal

By dividing the user base into two separate instances, the client would be able to mitigate the risk of performance degradation during peak hours of user activity.

This approach addressed the client’s two major challenges:

  • It ensured that the platform could maintain optimal performance levels even when experiencing high levels of user traffic; preventing slowdowns, failures, or outages that could disrupt trading activities. 
  • By distributing the user load across multiple instances, the solution would support scalability and easily accommodate future growth and expansion plans without sacrificing productivity.

The solution design also included a third important aspect: Optimizing integrations. Devexperts paid special consideration to the integration of DXtrade with the client’s partner CRM. This was essential for enhancing efficient communication and data exchange to improve overall user experience and client relationships.


Two instances of DXtrade were successfully implemented, along with a smooth integration of their CRM partner.

In a matter of weeks, the dual instances of DXtrade strengthened platform performance, successfully providing a new level of resilience for peak periods and future increases of volumes. 

Additionally, the seamless integration with their CRM highlighted DXtrade’s adaptability, saving time and optimizing communication and data exchange.

Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region

Delivering two instances of DXtrade for scalability not only provided an attractive timeline for implementation, but it made sense. The client will be well-equipped to handle future increases in user volumes.

— Olga, Account Manager, Devexperts

Devexperts provided us with a solution that surpassed our expectations. We have peace of mind that the platform now runs smoothly, even during periods of high user activity. Their expertise in handling the transition and integrations allowed us to focus on the trading experience for our users.

— CEO, the Client

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