Chatbot to Deliver Trading Signals in Telegram Messenger
Case study

Chatbot to Deliver Trading Signals in Telegram Messenger

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About the Customer

The client is a large financial services group founded in 1995. The company is exchange registered and specializes in banking and brokerage services for over 400 000 retail investors in Eastern Europe.


Engagement, retention, and attraction of new clients is an ongoing challenge for stock and OTC brokers. Due to the fierce competition and stringent regulatory requirements, they are constantly seeking new solutions that help to acquire new clients and increase the LTV.

This time the broker was looking for a front-office technology to deliver trading signals (“investment ideas”) to the retail public. The broker wanted to engage a technology provider who would implement a chatbot and integrate it with the emerging APIs of the broker and deliver a feature-rich software with the embedded statistics and controls in order to improve lead-generation processes, analyze users behavior, increase trading volumes, and promote their brand new copy trading services.


The client chose Devexperts for our expertise in software development for brokers, for our experience in designing chatbots, and above all, for our existing Devexa trading assistant.

The client has their own marketplace of investment ideas from independent stock market analysts; each idea comes with reasoning, entry/exit conditions, and a time horizon. The marketplace tracks records of a particular analyst and calculates his/her rating. 

Devexperts took Devexa, it’s AI trading butler, and integrated it with this marketplace API for publishing investment ideas. Developers also added functionalities to: 

  • View all actual trading ideas and their details
  • Filter them by providers or tickers
  • Seamlessly switch to a mobile trading app to complete the transaction
  • Subscribe for a paid service to get premium signals or auto-follow a particular provider
  • Find answers from their FAQ about the services and the company in general

A thorough work has been done around the UI. The workflow had been redesigned based on the Devexperts digital product experts’ input and data gathered by Devexa during the usability and functional testing.


The pilot project took two months; the system is published on Telegram.