Custom Web Trading Terminal for a Retail FX/CFD Broker
Case study

Custom Web Trading Terminal for a Retail FX/CFD Broker

About the Client

The client was an online trading pioneer: they have been around since 2006. The company was founded through the collective efforts of finance specialists working in the commercial Internet area. Their goal was to equip private traders with the best working conditions through world-class technology. The company is now one of the most secure FX/CFD brokers in the industry and works under seven regulations across six continents.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide traders with more value. They commissioned Devexperts to create a unique web trading app that would be convenient for both beginners and experienced traders. The UI was to be easy to understand and fully functional. 

Devexperts had already implemented a custom mobile app for this client. Given there were users who did not wish to install it for some reason, the web app needed to run smoothly both on desktop and mobile devices. 

Another challenge was to implement an interface, which would support left-to-right and right-to-left languages. 


The client wanted a unique UI so Devexperts created the trading interface from scratch rather than customizing a standard one. Cost-saving was attained by reusing the backend code of the mobile app. The majority of the work was on the frontend. 

The client had many ideas  and needed hands-on experience to test them. For this purpose, a web app prototype was created. As soon as it was validated, subsequent iterations required additional functionality. A thorough approach at the design stage allowed the developers to consider all the tiny details for different language versions such as different button lengths and so on.

The unique interface required creative solutions. For example, the order entry element wasn’t a pop-up window as usual. Instead, it was designed  to be a side panel. The main benefit of this solution is that after opening an order entry, the  user will continue to see everything on one screen: chart, watchlist, list of positions, and the order entry. Moreover, in the order entry, the client decided to get rid of the limit order and market order terminology to simplify things for inexperienced traders.

In the next stage, Devexperts developed the web app functionality. The frontend was implemented with React technology. The desktop and the mobile versions were rolled to  different URLs. Devexperts intentionally didn’t implement responsiveness because the UI for web and mobile were too different. Devexperts reused the frontend code on both platforms to help achieve economies of scale.


Devexperts successfully launched the innovative web trading platform for traders looking for a simple and uncluttered interface. All platform services are available on one screen, making this solution quite a novelty on the FX/CFD market.

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