A Trinity of DXtrade, Devexa, and DXcharts to Power a Funded Trader Firm
Case study

A Trinity of DXtrade, Devexa, and DXcharts to Power a Funded Trader Firm

About the Client

The client is a young and ambitious capital-backed trading firm based in Europe. The firm is generating traction by disrupting the market with a progressive approach to servicing funded traders. They run a ‘no challenges, instant funding’ model, and have distinctly concise, transparent, no-padding comms and branding. 

Although they are comparatively new on the scene, they know how the industry works (clear from how they’ve managed to carve out a niche). Their expectations from technology vendors match their ambition: they are driven and want to deliver a certain standard, with whatever functionality is needed to do so, even if it doesn’t exist yet.

Business Challenge

As a rapidly growing firm, the client faced a two-pronged challenge in meeting the evolving needs of their expanding user base.

Firstly, they required a trading platform solution equipped with professional-grade charts for technical analysis, enabling users to trade directly from it — a critical necessity for their predominantly short-term trading activities.

Secondly, as the company experienced rapid growth and increased user numbers, they sought a solution that could scale seamlessly without compromising the quality and performance of the trading platform.

In essence, the client’s requirements reflected the twin imperatives of delivering advanced functionality to support professional trading activities while ensuring the platform’s ability to adapt and scale in lockstep with its burgeoning business growth.

These were the client’s initial challenges when first engaging DXtrade, but as we learn in the results section, the partnership evolved into an example of what is possible when an ambitious client with specific goals partners with a flexible vendor.


DXtrade CFD SaaS

Devexperts offered the SaaS trading platform, DXtrade. The platform is complemented by DXcharts, a feature-packed library, carefully developed to support advanced technical analysis tools and seamless trading directly from the charts — a critical feature for the predominantly short-term trading strategies favored by the client’s user base.

One of the key strengths of the solution was the scalability and customizability of the platform. 

DXtrade SaaS is designed to seamlessly adapt to rapid growth in user numbers without compromising productivity or performance. This flexibility allowed the client to focus on their core business objectives, with peace of mind that their trading platform could evolve effortlessly with their growing user base.

Inside the DXtrade SaaS trading platform
Inside the DXtrade SaaS trading platform

Devexperts also offered round-the-clock support, meaning the client would receive immediate assistance and guidance when needed. 

Within a few weeks, the client launched on DXtrade SaaS.

Jon Light, Director, Product Management, Devexperts

DXtrade is the ideal platform for props as it gets them up and running quickly with a full package solution, and then gives them the support and flexibility to scale and grow at whatever pace they need.

— Jon Light, Director, Product Management, Devexperts


The DXtrade platform and DXcharts (the version at the time) were successfully implemented for the client. Although Devexperts landed the deliverables, the client identified additional needs from the charting. There were other features and capabilities that they believed would make it a stronger product; obviously for them specifically, but also more broadly for the market. 

For Devexperts, the general approach is ‘if it makes sense, we’ll find a way to do it’. This is how the new version of DXcharts came to be.  It wasn’t just a few tweaks to cater to the client’s extra needs, it turned into a full-scale revamp, with a ‘while we’re at it, why don’t we optimize 𝔁 and 𝒚, and add 𝔃’ approach. The client was willing to pilot the modernized version, and being satisfied with the results, became pioneers of the new DXcharts.

Example of DXcharts’ Web UI
Example of DXcharts’ Web UI
Customizable DXcharts Mobile, ready for white-labeling
Customizable DXcharts Mobile, ready for white-labeling
Denis Krivolapov, DXcharts Product Manager, Devexperts

As the product manager for DXcharts, this project stands out, as it led to a new version release. We are always focused on regularly updating our charts with the latest features, and when these advancements can be driven by real scenarios constantly appearing on the radar of brokers, the result will always be more optimal.

— Denis Krivolapov, DXcharts Product Manager, Devexperts


This success coincided with the launch of a separate R&D project. Devexperts had been experimenting with an AI-powered solution that could be embedded within a firm’s trading platform as a widget, to bring together in one place, all the different technology functions a firm needs to run for engagement — automated chatbots, messaging channels (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat etc), group chats, syndication of market news feeds — all synced for ridiculously streamlined engagement. Think targeted broadcasting, push notifications, marketing campaigns, account support, and customer support, all executed from one widget.

Devexa’s Operator Workspace
Devexa’s Operator Workspace
Devexa Widget inside DXtrade
Devexa Widget inside DXtrade

The project, now known as Devexa, aligned with the client’s engagement and retention needs, and they quickly became a guinea pig. This style of collaboration between vendor and broker is super productive; everyone benefits: the client gets a first-of-its-kind technology, tailored to their needs, and Devexperts launches a product already tried and tested, with real benefits for other brokers, pushing the industry forward. 

At the client’s request, Devexperts upgraded Devexa by incorporating trading history and user portfolios into its analytics. This enhancement allows Devexa to personalize news for each trader based on their specific data, using its AI-driven recommendation engine. To further enhance engagement, Devexa now sends targeted news directly to users, with real-time notifications designed to prompt immediate action. This development was a collaborative effort, tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. Additionally, the client and Devexperts can adjust the intensity of these notifications by fine-tuning the recommendation algorithms.

Togay Aytemiz, Product Manager, Devexperts

From a vendor perspective, this is the ideal type of client. They provide feedback and areas of improvement, and then are willing to pilot the response, allowing all parties to progress. We have to say that we are thankful to this client, it was mutually beneficial to a degree that is unusual for typical Devexa licenses. We hope we can foster more client relationships like this, so our products keep evolving in tandem with what the market needs.

— Togay Aytemiz, Product Manager, Devexperts

DXtrade Enterprise

After about eight months in production, the client realized they wanted greater influence over the product backlog of DXtrade. As their long-term vision required more flexibility than what a standard license could offer, Devexperts upgraded the client to a DXtrade Enterprise. Under the Enterprise agreement, the dedicated delivery team is looking after the client, and both the priorities and the exact requirements are in the hands of the client, offering limitless possibilities.

We wanted a vendor that was willing to think outside the box with us, and not be rigid with what they could and couldn’t deliver. Devexperts really did this – they were receptive, took on board the gaps we were able to find in their products, and went beyond a SaaS style engagement to adapt the products to what we needed.

— Director, the Client


The client began with the default SaaS option of DXtrade, then drove the evolution of DXcharts, upgrading and piloting the new release. They then opted in for Devexa and increased the number of use cases for the AI-powered omnichannel platform. For the cake-topper on the partnership, the client later realized they would like to influence the product backlog of DXtrade. Their longer term vision required more flexibility than a standard license allows, so Devexperts was more than happy to accommodate this by upgrading the client to an Enterprise license where anything is possible.

Olga Von Bahr, Account Manager, Devexperts

We are working with a lot of firms, both start-ups and the more established ones, but this client stood out—they knew exactly what they wanted, and are very driven and focused on growth. They made their expectations from us clear and emphasized the importance of a quick and smooth implementation. We have worked tirelessly and continue to do so in delivering high-quality software and tools, allowing them to make the most of the momentum they are experiencing.

— Olga Von Bahr, Account Manager, Devexperts

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