Enhancing Broker’s Mobile App Engagement Through Social Media Integration
Case study

Enhancing Broker’s Mobile App Engagement Through Social Media Integration

About the Client

A leading FX and CFDs broker established in 2006. As one of the most secure brokers in the industry, with nine regulations across six continents, the broker offers a wide choice of assets, leading platforms, and generous trading conditions.

Business Challenge

As a longstanding client of Devexperts, they openly discussed their evolving challenges and opportunities. Increasing the mobile app’s user conversion rates, daily active users, and in-app trading activity was a priority. The client was in search of creative solutions to achieve these goals.


Devexperts undertook an analysis of the client’s current marketing channels to identify underutilized opportunities. This process put a spotlight on the client’s substantial yet untapped Facebook audience.

The client’s Facebook group, initially intended for content promotion, had become a hub for user inquiries, which were handled manually and intermittently.

Devexperts proposed the integration of Devexa, an AI assistant, with the client’s FB page. This integration would serve as a method to organically introduce users to the mobile trading app.

System Design. FB traffic is channeled to the client’s mobile app and their website

The use of deep links combined with Devexa’s personalized guidance, would mean that even if the end-user needed to download the app, their journey would be seamless.

Devexperts provided the client with admin panel access to allow for unique customization. They were able to tailor Devexa to their brand identity and tone of voice, ensuring interactions and representation was consistent with their existing brand. This involved rewriting and localizing text, and redesigning buttons and welcome images. 

Importantly, in this setup, Devexa was given the ability to curate responses using market data directly from the client’s trading platform.


The integration was successful. Traffic to their mobile trading app significantly increased, as Devexa effectively channeled users from Facebook to the app. The client reported positive growth trends in their key product metrics. Devexa’s ability to track these referrals illustrated its role in enhancing revenue and conversion rates.

Unlike traditional uses of Devexa, which primarily focus on automation of handling of repetitive user inquiries or broadcasting broker’s content, this project leveraged the platform to actively redirect users to the mobile app. With regard to this metric, the efficiency of the client’s Facebook channel was substantially improved. We received very positive feedback from the product managers. It’s always rewarding to see our solutions like Devexa not just meet but exceed client expectations.

Vitaly Kudinov, SVP Sales and Business Development, Devexperts

The seamless integration of Devexa into our SMM was a creative way to hack the growth.

Product Manager, the Client

This project exemplifies Devexperts’ dedication to offering tailored solutions that address complex challenges in the dynamic trading industry.

Togay Aytemiz, Product Manager, Devexperts

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