Equities and Derivatives Platform for a Private Banking Company
Case study

Equities and Derivatives Platform for a Private Banking Company

About the Client

The history of the client begins at the end of the past century. Since then, they have established themselves as a leading provider of corporate finance, investment advisory, portfolio management, market making, and liquidity services. These offerings transcend conventional trade brokerage services, encompassing a comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Their reach extends to both domestic and international private and institutional investors.

In the present day, this client stands as a prominent intermediary boasting a substantial and diverse client base, comprising of corporate and individual clients, all actively participating in the Middle Eastern capital markets. The company operates several trading terminals.

Business Challenge

The client embarked on a bold endeavor, driven by the ambitious goal of creating a fully self-sustaining trading platform. Their vision was to empower users to effortlessly manage all facets of their financial affairs from the comfort of their own spaces, eliminating the need for physical visits to the client’s office. 

This groundbreaking project was set to disrupt the financial industry by providing an extensive array of user-centric services, all accessible and transactable in a completely digital environment.

  • Online onboarding. At the heart of this effort was the idea of online onboarding, making it easier to welcome new users to the platform. No more paperwork or in-person meetings were needed; instead, potential users could start their journey from home and open an account effortlessly.
  • Account customization. After successfully onboarding users, they gained unprecedented control and customization options for their accounts. They could effortlessly modify the reference data associated with their accounts and customize their profiles to meet their evolving needs. The ability to change the terms of account services also gave users a level of flexibility and autonomy they had not experienced with conventional financial institutions.
  • Money withdrawals and depositing funds, investment and trading. Importantly, the platform empowered users to manage their financial transactions autonomously. They could easily deposit, explore investment possibilities, execute trades, and request withdrawals —  all with a simple click of the mouse. Depositing funds was a smooth process, guaranteeing that users could seize opportunities in ever-changing financial markets.

The client’s plan was both innovative and ambitious, aiming to engage and serve hundreds of thousands of users. This goal demonstrated their commitment to democratizing finance within the capital market sector.

Their objective was to empower users, remove barriers, and make financial services more accessible and user-friendly. With their self-sufficient platform, they were poised to redefine online trading and investing, setting new standards for convenience and accessibility within the capital market industry.


The Devexperts team was well-prepared for the challenge, with the existing MVP of the platform in place. Only a few remaining features required finalization:

  • Additional cybersecurity controls. For a platform built for remote and independent use, ensuring the security of sensitive financial data was a top priority. This involved implementing cutting-edge encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and ongoing vulnerability monitoring to guarantee the utmost security for their users.
  • Scalable IT infrastructure. The infrastructure which needed to handle high volumes of concurrent users without sacrificing performance, required substantial investments in servers, bandwidth, and load-balancing solutions to deliver a seamless experience for all users.
  • Comprehensive customer support system. Due to the self-sufficient nature of the platform, it was critical to provide users with access to abundant resources, tutorials, and responsive customer service channels, to address their questions and concerns.

Design of an intuitive user interface. The platform needed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for individuals with minimal experience in financial trading. Throughout the platform’s development, striking the right balance between a feature-rich interface and simplicity remained a constant challenge.

Evgeny Sorokin, Head of Product Management Office, Devexperts

I see significant value in neobrokers and their user-focused trading platforms. By going live with our platform, the client is setting a new standard for the convenience and accessibility of the Turkish capital markets. The challenging performance requirements have been met, serving as a strong indicator of the platform’s scalability and potential. We’re setting the stage for a revolution centered around convenience, ironclad security, and, most importantly, the empowerment of every user. This is more than a step forward; it’s the new benchmark for innovation.

— Evgeny Sorokin, Head of Product Management Office, Devexperts


Faced with a substantial project scope and a strict timeline, Devexperts successfully completed the delivery of a comprehensive trading platform, adhering to both the schedule and budget constraints. The platform’s development utilized Devexperts’ proprietary technology stack, known for its flexibility, composability, and scalability, ensuring the platform was equipped to adapt and grow according to the client’s evolving needs.

Following its introduction, the platform supported the activity generated by the client’s marketing campaign, attracting hundreds of thousands of users. There has been a steady increase in user engagement and trading volume each month since the platform was initiated.

Client feedback indicated satisfaction with the platform’s robust performance and adaptability. The project’s completion was not only timely but also pivotal, as it helped the client establish themselves as one of the pioneering neobrokers in Turkiye.

This achievement has significantly contributed to the wider development of the region’s digital trading landscape.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Devexperts for their stellar execution in delivering a top-notch trading platform that far surpasses our expectations. Their ability to deliver is reflected in our platform’s user-focused design, a perfect blend of simplicity and innovation, catering to traders of all skill levels.

Devexperts have proven to be an invaluable ally in our journey, and we’re proud to associate with a team displaying such profound expertise and professionalism.

Product Director, the Client

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