How We Delivered the DXcharts Source Code to an Australian Forex Broker
Case study

How We Delivered the DXcharts Source Code to an Australian Forex Broker

About the Client

One of the world largest forex brokers, a Melbourne-based Australian company that has been growing quickly since 2010. Trusted by more than 300,000 traders around the world, the broker processes an average of US $12.55bn of trades every day as of February 2023.

Business Challenge

The client was interested in acquiring the source code as a self-contained comprehensive solution that would provide its team of developers with full control of the charts platform. The client wanted to be able to make changes to the source code on its own with minimal assistance from the third-party developer team.

Looking through software companies, the client realized that there were very few players in the market who actually had the delivery of source code at their disposal. Devexperts, from that perspective, was a perfect fit with a competitive price and focused on the financial software.

To recap, the client’s request was to find a ready-to-adjust charts source code solution with clear API documentation including as much detailed description as possible on how to set up and configure the charts and their components.


As a company committed to producing various software solutions, Devexperts has already had a wide pool of successfully launched and ongoing projects related to trading. Some of them, such as DXcharts, have the “source code delivery” option available.

For a hassle-free code delivery, we were using 4 tools that had already been developed earlier by our team. The tools helped simplify the process:

  1. Archtangle. This tool helped visualize the application architecture by creating connections (dependencies) between components and showing them on a graph.
An example of a graph generated
  1. Call-tracer. The tool facilitated the debug process of RxJS code. It auto-generates a sequence diagram to visualize the process of arranged-in-time interactions between components.
A sequence diagram
  1. Code tags. This tool generates text marks (tags) across the documentation pages. The tags are grouped by type, features, or complexity.
Click the tag to show all the related pages
  1. Dynamic doc generation (Dedok). This tool allowed us to dynamically update API docs through the TypeScript interface.\

As the output, the tools helped us to brush up and fine-tune the API documentation, so the client could use it and support the charts solution itself. We also provided E2E and performance tests covering the source code of the API documentation.

Auto-generated, well-structured API documentation


The client has acquired the refined source code – Devexperts has carried out the delivery to ensure that the code is used in future as seamlessly as possible, and can grow with the client’s trading platform or any trading application as their business envisions it.

As for the developer team, we’ve optimized the whole process. The tools created helped prepare the source code for the quick and trouble-free delivery.

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