Scalable and Reliable Trading Technology for a Startup Funded Trader Firm
Case study

Scalable and Reliable Trading Technology for a Startup Funded Trader Firm

About the Client

The client is a funded trader firm based in the UAE, with young and ambitious entrepreneurs from different regions at its helm. Despite being a new startup with a level of industry experience still in its infancy, they managed to create an attractive foundation that was garnering traction. The firm was at a critical pivot point where it needed the right technology to help it maintain this momentum and solidify its reputation, without breaking the bank.

Business Challenge

The firm had created a technology focus within its brand identity. This was a strategic move as it aligned with its target audience’s priorities. They needed to deliver on this expectation by providing a platform with modern UI, and competitive functionality to attract new traders. At the same time, their growth was starting to take off, and therefore they also needed a platform with the flexibility to scale with them at the pace they needed, that was within their budget. 


The client was attracted to Devexperts because of their portfolio of startup firms that had switched over to DXtrade with success.

Scalable and Reliable Trading Technology for a Startup Funded Trader Firm
DXtrade Web Terminal

The Devexperts team understood what stage they were at, and the opportunities and limitations that came with this. With their tonne of experience in similar scenarios, they quickly identified and proposed DXtrade SaaS as the best fit. 

DXtrade Web Terminal
DXtrade Web Terminal

DXtrade SaaS can be easily scaled at the tempo the client chooses. Funded trader firms gravitate to Devexperts for this reason: they get a reliable, high-performance, compliant product that still gives them plenty of room to move. Under the hood, the architecture (belonging to a single instance of DXtrade) can easily handle the load of thousands of online accounts simultaneously, ensuring seamless performance even during peak trading periods.

Scalable and Reliable Trading Technology for a Startup Funded Trader Firm
DXtrade Web Terminal

Another major drawcard that sealed the deal for the client was Devexperts’ approach to mobile applications. They provide brokers and props with their own app (not shared with other brokers), reducing the risk of being swept into any collateral damage. With their tech-heavy branding, this tied in very nicely, with the ability to give their traders the option to trade on-the-go using iOS or Android


The Devexperts team makes it a point to be as available and responsive as possible, particularly for clients with less industry experience who may have additional questions or concerns. Together they worked to integrate DXtrade smoothly, with constant communication to identify and overcome any disruptions to service.

Following the successful integration of DXtrade, the client achieved:

  • Enhanced Performance: DXtrade SaaS allows significantly improved service performance, ensuring uninterrupted access for traders, even during peak periods.
  • Improved User Experience: The intuitive interface streamlined trading processes, boosting efficiency and satisfaction among traders. The modern UI matched the expectations that their branding created from traders. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Native mobile apps for iOS and Android provided traders with the flexibility to trade on-the-go, aligning with the priorities of their end-users.
  • Peace of mind that they had infrastructure capable of scaling: The client felt secure with the freedom to grow and evolve their offering within their DXtrade SaaS license, and beyond if needed. 

Our partnership with Devexperts was a factor in our success. The results we have seen, from the platform’s performance to positive feedback from traders on the interface design and mobile accessibility, was in sync with our company’s core strategy.

— Director, the Client
Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region

Our priority is to align with our clients’ goals and deliver solutions that meet their requirements. By closely collaborating with their team, we’ve worked to understand their specific needs ensuring it aligns with their objectives.

— Olga Von Bahr, Account Manager, Devexperts

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