Scaling a Transparency-Driven Funded Trader Firm
Case study

Scaling a Transparency-Driven Funded Trader Firm

About the Client

This Germany-based funded trader client is relatively new to the industry but has already made an impact. They have focused on transparency and community in their approach, with clear fee structures and a dedicated Discord channel. The firm also wants to prioritize efficiency and accessibility in every aspect of the trading experience they provide, from fast payouts to offering a wide range of instruments including forex, commodities, indices, crypto, and more.

Business Challenge

Before engaging with Devexperts the client was using a platform that served its purpose in helping them launch, but as they grew their user base, the platform was not able to handle volumes during peak activity. The instability posed a significant risk of user dissatisfaction and potential churn, jeopardizing revenue streams and market positioning.

To mitigate these risks and encourage user engagement, the client looked for a more stable platform with a user-friendly interface tailored to the different needs of both novice and experienced traders. In addition, the client wanted to improve cost efficiency by using the new platform to offer more attractive conditions for funded trading, thus increasing market competitiveness and user retention.

The primary business challenge was to find a comprehensive trading solution that ensured scalability, stability, ease of use, and cost efficiency while maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic trading landscape.


Devexperts proposed DXtrade as the optimal solution for the client’s challenges. DXtrade is a comprehensive trading platform tailored to the diverse needs of modern traders.

Scalability: Highly scalable architecture capable of accommodating the client’s growing number of traders without sacrificing performance or stability.

Scaling a Transparency-Driven Funded Trader Firm

Stability: DXtrade is resilient even during high trading activity, minimizing the risk of downtime and user dissatisfaction.

User-friendly interface: Modern and customizable user interface that is suitable for traders of all experience levels, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Scaling a Transparency-Driven Funded Trader Firm

Cost-effectiveness: DXtrade allows firms to scale at the pace they need within a competitively priced model, allowing them to provide attractive terms for funded trading while maintaining profitability.

Mobile apps: DXtrade comes with its own high-performance iOS and Android app complete with the firm’s logo and branding.

Competitive advantage: DXtrade’s state-of-the-art features and functionalities, will help the client stand out in the market, attract new users, and boost retention. 

In addition, Devexperts takes care of the integration with liquidity providers and market data sources, saving the client time and resources otherwise spent on integrating these services. This ensures a seamless experience for the client and allows them to focus on their core business.


The client experienced remarkable results upon installing DXtrade, with the solution being delivered within an impressive two-week timeframe:

Locked-in impressive stability: The client now had peace of mind that their platform could handle rapid growth and large volumes if it needed to, ensuring uninterrupted trading activity even during peak periods.

Improved user experience: The intuitive interface of DXtrade increased user satisfaction, catering to traders of all experience levels. Access to a reliable mobile app version also boosted engagement with end-users able to trade on-the-go, anywhere, anytime. 

Cost savings: By leaning on Devexpert’s expertise, the firm saved both time and resources and secured a quality product designed for longevity and capable of supporting them through all future phases of their journey. 

Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region

We were able to execute this project fairly easily, as we have a lot of experience in helping younger firms who are experiencing growth to integrate DXtrade. They normally make this move so they can provide reliable services to their end-users, and not risk poor performance just as they are starting to expand. The mobile app was a big win for this client, as independence was important to them. They wanted to be able to control their operations down to every detail, ensuring they were not reliant on any other firm’s approach.

— Olga Von Bahr, Account Manager, Devexperts

Because we were quite new to the market, and were at an important point in our growth, we needed a vendor that was going to be really straight with us—we needed a quality solution with quick delivery, that was going to help us live up to the trading experience we had indicated we were going to provide to our traders. Devexperts came up with a solution and rolled it out in a matter of weeks. So far the results have been positive and we feel we are in good hands.

— Product Manager, the Client

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