Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region
Case study

Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region

About the Client

With a global network of traders, this client is a formidable presence in the funded trading industry. The Middle Eastern firm operates internationally from Dubai and has no plans of slowing down or plateauing. Their focus remains on retention and evolving where needed to continue rapid expansion of their user base.

Business Challenge

The client was ready to scale with ambitious growth plans, but this required a trading platform capable of supporting this trajectory. 

They also outlined additional objectives:

  • User analytics indicated their clients liked to trade on the go. They needed native mobile applications for Android and iOS. 
  • Connectivity with liquidity providers, through FXCubic aggregator. 

The client was seeking a vendor that could provide an all-encompassing solution.


Platform capable of supporting growth

DXtrade is a white-label platform with a proven ability to grow with a business of a broker or a funded trader firm. It has allowed both start-ups and established firms to significantly expand their user base, without compromising performance. 

Mobile trading

DXtrade includes a duo of independent, native mobile apps. The exclusive app would mean the client is not subject to the risks associated with a pool application app (where a vendor’s app is shared by multiple brokers). This would give the client a level of control, flexibility, and security optimal for growth, along with meeting the expectations of their clients —trading on the go, with a responsive app. 

Connectivity with liquidity providers

Although FXCubic integration (a priority liquidity aggregator for the client) was not originally included in the basic DXtrade SaaS package, Devexperts typically includes such integrations at no additional cost. This benefits this client and everybody else running their business on DXtrade.

Personalized delivery and maintenance

As part of our DXtrade SaaS offering, the client would benefit from 24/7 technical support, with immediate access to a team of experts, on hand to provide guidance whenever needed.


DXtrade’s solution was implemented within just two weeks. 

FXCubic was successfully integrated; the integration project team faced no impediments, thanks to the standard FXCubic API and the availability of numerous ready-made connectors, adapters, and tools for connecting liquidity providers and aggregators.

The accelerated process both sped up the time to market, and reduced costs and resources, helping the client remain aligned with budget targets. 

The smooth transition to the new platform was enthusiastically received by traders, with the native mobile app allowing them to access the platform anytime, anywhere. 

The project was a success, with each of the client’s objectives met, and their expectations around quality, flexibility and execution of delivery exceeded.

Trading Platform for a Funded Trader Firm in MENA Region

This was an interesting project to work on — although it seemed like a standard, straightforward platform transition to DXtrade, it’s not unusual that we encounter unexpected obstacles within the client’s existing infrastructure. In this case, it was facing the loaded backlog, but we overcame this in a professional manner, and managed to deliver on our promise.

— Olga Von Bahr, Account Manager, Devexperts

Devexperts were flexible, especially around our liquidity integrations, and the communication was always clear. They are responsive and willing to adjust the project and timelines to make sure the execution is right.

 — Project Manager, the Client

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