Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm
Case study

Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm

About the Client

The client is a leading force in the funded trading industry. They have solidified their presence as a leader in the European markets and beyond, serving over a million live accounts.

Business Challenge

The client knew that to meet the diverse needs of their large network of traders, an upgrade of their infrastructure was crucial. They also needed to ensure seamless platform performance amidst rapid growth.

The client’s key priorities:

  • Establish effective charting functionality within their trading platforms, given the prevalence of short-term trading. 
  • Scalability: Implement a platform solution that can handle increased user activity without sacrificing performance or stability.
  • Mobile versions of their platform on both iOS and Android devices: Advanced accessibility to meet the needs of their traders. 


Devexperts is familiar with the distinctive challenges that high-volume funded trader firms face.

DXtrade CFD is a product that features scalability, seamless integration capabilities, cost efficiency, and advanced functionality to boost retention. 

This made it an excellent fit to address the client’s challenges, with demonstrated success as a solution in almost identical scenarios for other firms. 

The added benefit was that Devexperts is extremely experienced in transitioning firms to the DXtrade CFD platform. We assist with the onboarding, configuration, and training of personnel. The APIs are straightforward to understand for the developers who take care of the data migration when integrating with DXtrade. 

The extensive experience means Devexperts are well-prepared to manage and mitigate common and uncommon challenges that might arise during a migration.

DXtrade CFDs role in the solution:


DXtrade CFD offers a robust suite of advanced features and tools to empower traders in executing strategies with precision and efficiency. The DXcharts charting library (a platform add-on we offer) includes 100+ indicators and 50+ drawing tools for technical analysis crucial for traders’ decision-making processes.

Modern interface with intuitive UX/UI

Traders can effortlessly access key functionalities, ensuring informed decision-making and swift action in a fast-paced trading environment.

Cost efficiency

The solution offers competitive pricing models and flexible licensing options, tailored to varying budgetary constraints, ensuring maximum ROI for funded trader firms.


Built to adapt, DXtrade CFD seamlessly accommodates evolving business needs, scaling effortlessly to meet increased user volumes and transaction loads. 

Seamless integration 

The trading platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and partners over API. This ensures smooth data exchange and workflow automation.

Mobile applications

In addition to the web platform, Devexperts would provide the client with two mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. These applications offer traders the flexibility to access the platform on the go, ensuring they can monitor market movements and execute trades from anywhere, at any time.


With the enhanced functionality and interface, advanced charting, and seamless integration capabilities, traders experienced a significant improvement in their overall trading experience.

Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm Heavyweight
Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm Heavyweight
Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm Heavyweight

The white-labeled, independent mobile apps also proved to meet the needs of the client. Their logo and brand colors were applied to the apps, providing a consistent brand experience for their traders. 

Trading Platform for European Funded Trader Firm Heavyweight

The implementation of our trading platform solution overcame all of the client’s challenges, providing significant benefits.

Borislav Alendarov, Trading Operations Manager, Devexperts

It was insightful working with such a well-known firm. Luckily, we had applied similar solutions for brokers operating with comparable volumes, taking away any guesswork needed. We went into the project confident, knowing that we could provide results that were going to meet their needs, and ideally leave the client impressed – it seems we achieved this, which is great for all involved.

— Borislav Alendarov, Trading Operations Manager, Devexperts
Denis Krivolapov, DXcharts Product Manager, Devexperts

The client needed a charting solution that was responsive and nimble, both on desktop and mobile. We were able to deliver that for them, with DXcharts. We are constantly enhancing and updating features and deeper customization options, ensuring that traders have access to the latest tools and capabilities.

Best of all, these updates are provided to our clients. This means that traders who choose DXcharts can enjoy new functionality as soon as it’s released. This commitment to providing value-added services underscores our dedication to driving trader success.

 — Denis Krivolapov, Product Manager, Devexperts

The level of personalized care that we got during the project was quite impressive: the implementation, launch, configuration and fine-tuning… We would feel comfortable recommending Devexperts to any broker or a prop looking to upgrade to a provider that has a knowledgeable, experienced,  professional team.

— Product Director, the Client
Jon Light, Director, Product Management, Devexperts

With a million+ live accounts, this client trusted us to carry out the project with seamless execution – it was important for us to get this right, with no setbacks. Thanks to our experienced teams we delivered, providing them with the web trading app, mobile apps, and scalable platform that they needed to remain one of the most competitive firms in the industry.

— Jon Light, Head of OTC Platform, Devexperts

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